Am i having faulty guns and weapons?

Cause when i see these guys on Youtube streaming from the games, and scaling up the difficulty. They seem to nail the Tanks or Hunters pretty well.

I have acquired the same type of weapon and i aim about the same. But the time it takes for the to go down are way longer. So i begin to wonder if i got scammed on my weapondrops.

Maybe i got a few lemons here or what we call (Måndagsexemplar) Short for buying a piece of gear on a Monday which are never good.

I managed to plow through over 200 shells of 12 gage buckshot and eventually the tank went down. When the guys on Youtube do the same it takes maybe 40-50 in verious positions. Which i did also!

So its not the technique that is faulty!

Might want to make sure you’re using the same ammo type, and hitting in the same places. Shots to subsystems can take a machine down much faster than spraying indiscriminately at it. Though, if you are spraying and praying, AP rounds will go a long way towards making more efficient kills.

You do not think ive tried that, as a former soldier and technician in the military, i know how guns and ammo works!
Thanks for the heads up though

To be blunt, I have no way of knowing what you have, or have not, tried. While you might find simple answers insulting, they are an important troubleshooting step. Ex: “Have you tried power cycling the system?”

Also, with your background, you should be acutely aware that the weapons in GenZero have, what could be charitably described as, a tangential relationship with the real hardware they seek to replicate. I mean, we’re talking about a game which has an AK chambered in 7.62 NATO during the Cold War, while your Glock and MP5 do not have cross-compatible ammo.

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Another thought between streamers and yourself - char skills. There are several skills which increase the output damage.

Also, having the same type of weapon doesn’t make it equal setting if the weapon quality isn’t the same. Better quality weapons deal more damage. Not by much but after 100+ rounds, difference does show in ammo count. Of course, some weapons have mods (e.g barrel extension) which also affect the damage and weapon mods come in different quality as well.