Ambiance,cool factor, and distant dreams

  1. Night vision is pretty much useless in-game and serves as just more clutter for the loot pool, however I believe that if the devs made nights way darker(like the original slender dark) then the flashlight would become a necessity and the game would look almost erie as it should with the swedish apocalypse going on and such.

  2. Also what if the developers messed around with 6 crown or experimental attachments like a magazine that increases fire rate the lower it gets, or a silencer that makes noise and attracts robots to the bullet impact,things like that.
    2 1/2. Dragons breath rounds would be dope but that might just be me.

  3. What about new 1x scopes for close range? Imagine holo sights or tactical red dots. The potential there is awesome to think about but also what if some outfits had inherit abilities. Like what if the exo suit you get from the reaper made you have 10% more health when wearing the full set. Or what if the runner boots gave a speed boost and other such changes.

  4. Final idea but I can only dream of the day when the devs add weapon crafting to the game. What if you could disassemble a weapon to gain the ability to craft it in the bench for 1.5x the amount you received for recycling it? (Also please make storage boxes 500lbs)

Thank you for reading.

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