Suggestion list (ideas changes and wishes for features and additions)

I’ve been playing the game for a long while and I’m enjoying myself alone and with friends, with the lastest survey, it got me thinking even more about what I’d like to really see in the future of the game, and because the survey was pre-planed there wasn’t really enough room for all my thoughts. so here comes a big unsorted list of stuff I’d like to see with ideas how and maybe why.

seperated storys per character: The story and gameplay is quite nice overall, and that got me thinking to make a let’s play of it. though I played already through the whole story so there’s not much to show anymore other than running around and shooting bots. Sure I could delete my save and start over again but that just feels plain wrong. So why not bind the story advance to the character instead of the account. Yes the skills are limited and you’re supposed to make different characters for different situations to fill out roles in multiplayer, but in mp it’s the host’s story and only theirs advance anyway. so binding the advance to the character would let you enjoy the story again, or at least add a button for a soft reset. as in all hide outs, weapons, recepies etc. are with you, but the story is back to 0.

A faction system: When you start the game you find yourself without much if any information and the goal is to figure out what happened. everywhere are just messages left by people and machines. With the FNIX DLC came big map changes that showed that the swedish army and police did put up a fight against the machines but it’s still an empty map. With a faction system Resistance vs. machines the world would come to life a lot.
First and foremost the island/s will be in full controll of the machines of course with posts, patrols and everything. The player/s will have to thin out the machines and take strategic points and probably take out a short-range artilery in the area to clear it up for a resistance hide out. The machines will probably still be there, patrol and more than likely attempt to rebuild their stuff which should be prevented and stopped by a strong enough resistance force in the area. (just passive I assume and not really npc resistance fighters fighting actively against machine patrols)
Secondly, machines could drop scrap metals unuseable for crafting that could be used as a normal trade good at the resistance to trade agaisnt weapons, attachments, ammo and supply. High ranking machines and FNIX buildings could be the source for ‘intel’ that can be traded as a high value currency for the top notch stuff
third aspect: fire support and alike. Harvesters have the ability to call in Hunter drops, why not advance that and have a kind of comando machine (maybe some mix between Hunter and tank) that can summon other machines to their aid, either per air drop like the Harvester or like the seeker per siren (though in the last case machines should actually be spawned nearby and come in running when no machines are nearby currently. (because when a seeker sees you, alerts his sirens but no machines come … did he called an alarm?))
Also with the mentioned arteliry pieces above they could potentially call for support fire if the fight goes on for too long or they call in some new aerial drone bomber (mix of Runner and seeker) in return resistance fighters could set up mortars to give you support fire as well when you sign them with coloured smoke. Or per quest you repair a couple of the fighter jets and rescue pilots.

advanced crafting: The current crafting does its job well in the part that you can craft the ammo that you need or want to use. Same with the medical stuff as it can get quite rare and scares (to the point where I made a storage character simply to safe up on first-aid packs) Though with the new found acces to ammo and supplys, the shortage of correct and/or better attachments becomes even more obvious. There are so many different attachments for all the guns and I’m looting everthing I can and still I have only one compensator for my two lmg’s so why not add craftable attachments and and upgrading to it as well. Same goes for weapons (at least upgrading them to level 5 would be nice)
also more supplys probably such as a make shift explosive or EMP granade as well as fireworks and explosives.

Heat map: The machines are obviously one network and as such the network knows where machines are and what they do, in return it should be noticed when machines suddenly disapear (getting destroyed) such things should be investigated and so when machines are fighting the area should ‘heat up’ and attract more machines after a while, either to see what was going on or as reinforcments. That way the player has a bit of pressure while looting or if they wish to fight more machines they can stay and continue fighting until they eventually are overrun. Or they could do so in order to build up a distraction for a mission somewhere else in the area. (potential new quest)

new quest: Everywhere we see destroyed and burned out stritzwagn 109B, wouldn’t it be fun to have a quest line in which we repair one with the help of a mechanic and then drive somewhere to fight a super tough machine. The tank will probably get damaged in the process rendering it unable to use in free play but hey, it’s better to have driven a tank and lost it, than to never have driven a tank at all.

interactions with life personell: The island is mostly deserted apart of the machines though what about off land, on the water and beyond. How about getting in contact with perhaps a air carrier admiral that trys to aid and guide you to beat the machines, or establishing a connection to a deeeeeep bunker that some swedish militairs were able to get into, though lost obviously contact to their troops on the surface that send you to missions (instead of following left notes and recorded voice messages)

living world: Machines from a smart AI are still machines and they break down from time to time, for this idea either machines will slowly degrade over time or damaged machines get spawned, those move towards something like a FNIX repair- and maintinancestation to be fixed. The damaged machines are obviously easyer to destroy and the station could be rendered unuseable as well which would lead to an easyer time agaisnt the machines as well as add onto actual gurillia warfare.

Gurillia advanced: we have placeable mines, explosives and EMP’s but unless the enemy is standing still or lured in by sound they’re not very useful. The idea is that 1. Machines patrol along a path (could be streets could be through the random area) and 2. there’s a hacking tool to get informations about the machines to display their patrol path on the map so that you can lay down traps and set up an ambush.
also maybe remote controlled lures so that you don’t have to be near the party after sending the invitation.

Damaged machines being actually damaged: The machiens have pletny of parts that you can actually aim and shoot at, some have actually functions, like obviously the weapons. But others like the sensors and legs don’t really do anything. wouldn’t it be nice if the aim of a harvester or tank would become noticeably worse after destroying their sensors? or they moving very badly after shooting at their legs and destroying their important bits there?

actually experimental weapons: something someone might craft during the machine crysis, f.e. agaisnt ticks. You could use a shotgun that may take good care of the buggers, or unload your AR or SMG at them, but how about something slightly more sleek, like a low power tesla coil that fryes them and maybe stuns runners or hunters like an EMP and having little to no effect on Harvesters and tanks.

build able companion: With the hacker spec you can loot ticks and reprogram them to attack the machines instead of you, why not make a quest around doing it with some larger machine? (probably not a harvester or tank though.) Wouldn’t it be nice to have one or two Runner dogs at your side? or a hunky Hunter pal? maybe with customizeable weapon loadouts and potentially a few paint jobs and/or cosmetic attachments. In terms of destroyability they may have a set amount of HP and when they hit 0 they’re rather downed/deactivated like a player, and can be revived perhaps with a repair kit or alike rather then being destroyed. And with multiplayer in mind you should probably only let the host have their companion to prevent overcrowding and minion spam.

freely organizeable inventory: currently all new stuff is stimply slapped onto the bottom end of the inventory, but how about being able to either sort stuff by things like: weapon / category, rarity etc. or to let you freely move stuff around between each other and not having to put stuff in the box and back out in order to change the order.

favorit tags in inventory: being able to tag items (especialy weapons) in your inventory as favorits to prevent you from accidently put them out of your inventory or even scrap them. Also don’t take out all the ammo out of one’s inventory when you put away a loaded gun into the box.

challanges: add an option to tag one or two chalanges to have a small notice on the hud to remind you of what you actually have to do and have life updates if a kill counted or not.

more equiptment: Gasmaks are handled differently in various games, in some they make you immune to gases and alike in others they offer you resistance, how about adding either a ‘gas resistance’ recepy to the game that can be applied to gas masks as well as the chalange rewards like the hazmat mask and the pilot mask (because let’s be honest, they look cool, but the gas damage is just too damn high) also the gas resistance could come in 5 tears: 20% 40% 60% 80% and 100% but that percentage could also just last for a certain amount of time before it slowly drops, and resets back to its original after a couple moments outside of gas.

better escape mechanics / detection: Sometimes you want a long battle, sometimes you want to get away, but the reactions of the machines / the game feels quite random at times. Sometimes the time to switch the magazine is enough for the machine / game to call the fight over, other times I run over hills and around buildings, get to a 400 meter distance to the machine and the battle is still going on with no machine even remotely close to me or having any sort of visuals on me.
(also little bug report, it seems like the rocket barrages of Harvesters and tanks sometimes have no spread at all and hit in one single spot, which can be quite devestating when you’re stuck between two a wreck and a life hunter)

more variations of experimental weapons: some weapons are cooler than others, but some weapons experimental effect is cooler than others, why not make an experimental LMG with an overdrive to really empty that 250 bullets in seconds, or an SMG which’s every fifth shot is an weak emp, or a self loading shot gun, or a gun that enhances the bullets with a chemical that burns through armor or something cryogenic that slows and freezes machine/parts.

New vehicle: Mountain bike, basicly the opposit of the normal bike, it has its full speed in uneven terrain and probably a better speed gain to better be able to climb hills, but doesn’t do so well on the flat streets and similar hard surfaces.

EDIT1: New machines: a small repair drone that zooms around to repair damaged machines as they go

EDIT1: a transport drone that can pick up machines and drop them where they’re needed.

EDIT2: recycler: a medium sized machine with the job to salvage destroyed machines and other metallic obejcts for recycling

EDIT3: machine weapons: a smoke launcher to cover the area in thick smoke, those machines are also equipted with thermal sensors to see through the smoke and continue shooting. Or they (and other unequipped machines) start spraying and praying
hot smoke launchers: covers an area in heated smoke that renders thermal vision moduls useless, these machines are equipted with X-ray vision to continue their assault. Or they (and other unequipped machines) start spraying and praying

EDIT4: Crouching and laying: Very often it feels liek all crouching and laying down does is reducing visibility, but without the hitbox changing. Taking a dead hunter as cover, laying down behind it would suggest to have cover, still I often take a lot of damage when I hide behind anything smaller than a harvester or tank behind which I can stand. also I often find that standing behind a slim tree offers better protection than laying down behind a waist high stone wall.

EDIT5: Machines are effected by the time of day and weather. So sleeping in beds to pass at least time for day / night would be very helpfull.

EDIT6: Reaper tier Harvester: weapons: Chemical MG at the front, fire MG in the back, 360° chemical rocket barrage, thermal blast, shields and reinforcement call (but with hunters as well) like reaper tank. close combat defence: super stomp and proximity mine scatter

EDIT6: reaper tier hunter: They always come in pairs. Weapons chemical MG and fire MG on the arms, one with shoulder rail gun the other with proximity mine launcher. They shield each other, one actives his shield making the other invulnerable who can continue shooting.

EDIT6: Bug report? and potential spoiler warning!
Come to think of it I assume the red sparkling means the shield is active though in the boss file it says that the reaper tank can’t shoot while the shield is active, though when I fought one it was defenitely shooting while its red sparkly shield was defenitely sparkling. so is the weapon deactivation not working? or are the shield visuals on for longer than the actual effect?


Excellent ideas by Camperscahf, (and well written), that I personally would love to see as well.
Some ideas that I and my coop friends thought about while playing include:

  1. … The ability to use motor boats between the various landings/jetties
  2. … Mini games for example, when you come across a chess board in any house, be able to play the game with a cooperative friends or against the games AI.
  3. … Already mentioned in the excellent post above by Camperscahf the ability to craft attachments of varying quality.
  4. … Add an extra quick slot
  5. … Resting on a bed or bench for a while recovers health as a secondary to health packs, or using a health pack not only increases the health by the percentage it’s coded for, but after using, a gradual increase to almost full health.
  6. … Include a save system so that we don’t have to manually back up saves.
  7. … Be able to create a new character that does not share everything that has previously been found and or stored in the storage container. (Of course, this can be accomplished by removing the Avalanche Studios folder in its entirety (and backed up), but again, this has to be dome manually and multiple saves can become a little confusing.
  8. … The ability to swim in the sea (this could open up the small islands (not the bigger ones which I presume will be opened up as dlc’s at some point) that at the moment are desolate, but could include extra stuff to explore.
  9. …Add a repair bot that can revive downed robots. The bigger the robot, the longer it would take to repair. Though limit the repair to once only.
  10. … Open up the garages and small chalet type homes that you cannot enter at this time; also the living quarters in the blocks of flats. Also, maybe add a few more house models
  11. … Be able to craft additional storage space, though make it hard by requiring a lot of resources, or something rare.

skill rework idea: instead of making it 8 narrow skill trees without any choices besides when to stop, why not creating 3-4 pools divided into: Combat (or offensive/defensive) support, technical. you can spend your points freely on any skill in the pools and for every 10 or 9 points spent within one pool you can choose one specilazitation either free or depending on the pool the points were spent in.

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Yeah, seekers seem about useless. Before the reaper update machines would kind of sometimes show up. Now, with the machines completely nerfed, I see GROUPS of 4 or 5 seekers just flying around me honking for nothing. THERE ARE NO MACHINES.

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Resistance recipes: Overall it’s nice that we now can decide ourself what our bonuses should be on our clothes, though most of them are pretty useless at this point. Visibility and sound reduction are redundant due to crawling, flame resistance is absolutely pointless as there are only 3 enemys that deal that kind of damage (apo hunter, apo tank, reaper rank). When you’re carefull you shouldn’t take fall damage at all and when you drop down some bigger slope in a hasty manner due to being pressured (by enemy’s for example) you’d probably die anyway due to HP not being full. So the only usefull ones are bullet resistance and blast resistance, where the latter is less usefull as rockets and explosions can be dodged, bullets on the other hand are nearly hitscan.
second, due to the fact that there are so many different things and the fact that the tier 3-5 recepies can only be found and that they have to be found for every kind of attire on their own it’s very hard and a little bit tedious to actually aquire what you want (mainly four times tier 3-5 bullet resistance which are 12 drops out of 84 and add the fact that having the tier 5 and 4 recepie is useless as long as you have not the t3 as well) So my suggestion would be to either
A: enable crafting resistances up to the highest tier found (f.e. you have t1 and t2 you find t4 you get t3 unlocked as well)
B: you have to find just the sort of resistance blueprint (f.e. you find a recepie for bullet resistant fabric, now you can upgrade all clothes with bullet resistance)
A+B: up the required recources for clothes upgrading
also add the ability to add resistances to helmets

Vanity item crafting: There are many different pieces of clothing out there and they form sets at times, but with so many different pieces it’s hard to get the right ones. (f.e. I found an experimental helmet dazzle camo very early … it’s still the only piece of dazzle I have) wouldn’t it be nice to once you found one piece to craft the missing pieces to dress up in a beautiful set of clothes instead of being more or less forced to combine a dazzle helmet with dessert camo shirt and blue pants?

unlooted body marking: when fighting a bunch of bots, or even just harvesting a couple harvesters it can get hard to see what you have looted and what not, easy solutions would be bright outlines but that’s also destroying the beautiful atmosphere. Instead make downed machines always burn and / or spark violently or have their red aggresseion lights on visibly, and once they were looted the visuals (and probaly audio que) fade away and left is a perfectly looted machine body.

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Why would you want the machines to facilitate such a behaviour?
The struggle to survive is not easy and convenient, it is hardship and labor. It mean that people sometimes miss out on looting some machines, that’s what game-immersion is all about. :coffee:

is there real struggle to survive after a fight? are you constantly running out of ammo after every single battle?
When you miss loot then you probably don’t care
and when you don’t want to miss loot you check twice and three times which is just tideous. The marking would just trim down the off time and enable people to play more of the actual game.

The point is that no enemy that is killed would be marked if it was real. Marking would disrupt the immersion. Checking for loot is part of the game. That’s how I see it.

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destroyed machines burn and have electical sparks at times. it’s an immersive way to mark unlooted machines and when the machine is looted the fire goes out and the sparks stop. That’s how I see it.

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That is already part of the game, and in two different ways as well:

  • Unlooted machines have their (head)lighs on. After looting, the light goes out.
  • Unlooted machines get the yellow outline when you get close to them.
    Idea with the latter is, that you take all loot from the machine. If you do that, no outline will appear around the machine, once you get near to it, showing you clearly if it has any loot on it or not.

Though the headlights are not really on every time (or are directed straight to the ground so that you can’t see any beam?) also the yellow outline is a bit redundant as it only appears at like 1 meter distance while the pick up icon pops up sooner (I’d sayaround 6 meters?) than the outlining.

I have POI icons disabled in my game and the “pick up” icon doesn’t appear well advance of the yellow outline. Instead, they both appear about the same distance.

With POI icons showing up well in advance, if there is any loot to be picked up, what is the issue about it? :thinking: As i see it, it distinguishes the lootable machines with loot easily.

Btw, discussion about that feature is here: Looted or not looted body's

Actually, many ideas you list, have their own dedicated topics in the forums.

Hey all

  1. Make option to upgrade weapons from level 1 to 5:
  2. Upgrading is can be same as apparels(you need find more schematics via fixed places/missions/rivals).
  3. Add weapon parts as another resource for upgrading weapons
  4. Same goes for weapons parts
  5. Make a kinda black market for trading weapons and rewards for doing some daily missions

List ideas topics merged.

Since the source topic already contains a long list of different ideas and other users have also posted their idea lists here, here’s another ideas list which is better suited in here.


Well since this is now officially list ideas I’ll throw in my list for experimental weapon effects as well
So far we have
hammer: emp charge up
Klauke: chance to stun
12G: explosive pebbles
Kpist: overdrive
AG4: fire bulltes
KVM59: chain lightning
PG90: penetration
m/49: 2 shot burst fire

my suggestions are:
Möller PP: colour markings, effect: marks enemys for additional damage (probably stacking with the marking of the binoculars and probably lasting longer as well)

44 Magnus: salvo shot, effect: Unloads all 6 bullets into the same spot for massive damage in short time

N9: Caliber change, effect: changes used ammo from 9mm handgun to .44, increasing its damage but not touching other caracteristics (such as rate of fire or recoil)

semi auto shotgun: auto reload, effect: continously reloads the gun slightly faster than manual reload, can’t be reloaded manualy

HP5: Cryo ammo, effect: Hits slow down enemys on hit, have a small chance to freeze the enemy completly

Meusser hunting rifle: super sonic, effect: increased base damage and sound is not able to be traced back to the players position

Älgstudsare hunting rifle: empty

AL-76: hammer mode, effect: much slower firing rate but higher damage per bullet, increased stagger chance

AG5: Acid ammo, effect: long lasting damage over time

N16: empty

Kvm 89: empty

N60: empty

I love that idea, the gurillia warfare was that made me fall in love with this game.
I would also want to add the ability to temper with cars since you can open up the hoods. Like setting of the car horn to lure machine to them for strategic purposes. It would be a good skill point in the tech tree.

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I think all of those are fantastic ideas, especially the ones about the N9, and the HP5.

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Idea for the N16- Disruptor shots.
Not an EMP.
This would cause the affected area, lets component drive, to momentarily shut down, with out shutting down the entire machine, so it can still fight, but not as well.
Any thoughts on this, good/ bad idea?

what about instead of exp semi auto shotgun having auto reload, it has an auto mode. This will result the shotgun to fire its salvo really quickly, melting any machines that come its way. That would be cool.