Looted or not looted body's

After a big fight, I loose sometimes the overview of which mob I visited for loot and those not yet visited.
It would be nice if the visual effect of the glowing particles(see picture) going up from the killed mob, stays active until first visited by the player and not disappear after a few seconds.


YES! I totally agree! Trying to find some of the robot corpses in the scrub brush can be tiresome. It would be great if the sparks/small fires/smoke continued on the corpses until they were looted. This would kinda make sense too, cause when you loot them you are technically pulling out their guts, ripping out wires and power sources, etc… Then the lights go out and the sparks stop.


Yes great idea I often kill machines in the dark and forget where they are :slightly_frowning_face: :joy:

There are more than enough machines to go around that you don’t need to loot every single one.

And to locate the scrap heaps (destroyed machines) in the dark, use IR or OPV vision modes to locate them. That’s what i do. .44 Magnum with scope and vision mod works the best for it.


I’d never thought of that :joy: great idea @Aesyle

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Maybe, but it’s still a better visual effect and makes it easy locating those not visited even if you are not in need to loot all.

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Not everything must be as easy as possible.

i saw look through the binoculars and it can mark the bodies not yet looted.

I agree with ezekiel. This would be a nice feature. I would certainly prefer it over carrying around a vision module on a .44 magnum.


Binoculars or any other weapon where you can attach vision module works.

Binoculars gives widest view, and wont take weapon slot.

True but binos also give you minimum of 8x zoom, making the spotting at close range difficult.

.44 Magnum with scope and vision mod, gives you minimum of 1x zoom and vision module effect expands outside of the scope, making you whole view in IR/OPV. This is good to find stuff in the immediate area around you.

Though, same can be achieved with 1-4x rifle scope as well, when you’re using AG4 or AG5. So, there are plenty of options. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What I’d really like to see is a slower “cooldown” from dead machines so they stay visible for a longer period of time. Like it was at my “beginning” in GZ in Summer 2019, when the machines stayed lit for an extended period so one could find them.

Now they go dark after some time and that makes it nearly impossible to find them sometimes, especially in higher grass/bushes or when they are somewhat far away and one is loosing sight while approaching the dead metal.

My 2 Ct.

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