Ammo boxes empty while not looted completely

I didn’t empty an ammo box entirely. After that I couldn’t open it.
Steps To Reproduce:

  1. I opened an ammo box and tried to take something out.
  2. I clicked cancel and sorted out my inventory.
  3. I proceeded to search the ammo box again, only this time it wasn’t possible because I did’'t have the option anymore, and the box was open

Host or Client:
Players in your game:
I was hosting to one player, that was also searching the ammo box, but he emptied it out completely.
Specs: Intel core i5-8400 CPU 2.80 GHz 2.81GHz, 8G Ram, 64 bits processor

I had it again but this time the other player didn’t even loot it entirely.

Also I think all ammo boxes that weren’t empty have the same thing after exiting and continuing another time

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I have the same question postet before you post it Ibske