Ammo boxes, Tool Boxes and Backpacks STILL BUGGED!

The update reloaded all boxes .BUT once you open a box and take the items out you CAN"T reopen them after the SO CALLED 4 Hours or 6…8…10 24 hears! i waited. Also Tool boxes have NO ITEMS in them NONE. if i open a box if i search a body for items and take something or take nothing when i returns to the body even if i leave something in it it is unopenable. NOTHING RESETS THE BOXES!!! SO, I am back to square one . i have no ammo and can’t take anything down with NOTHING! FIX THIS PLEASE!!! Fix and no more NEW ADD ON’s …fix what you have done Then add new things into the game.

I love this game and i think it is a winner BUT please fix this. This game has what i love . Creativity! the Music the world and time and place. everything is Awesome! don’t let me down PLEASE!


Welcome to the forums. You’re supposed to move from area to area waiting for the timer so loot containers can respawn. The toolboxes being empty are acknowledged by the devs, it’s been stated countless of times already so please next time do a search of the issue before posting.

If you have an issue or believe you’ve discovered a bug, please use this template so the devs can see it faster. And try to avoid using too much Caps in the future. Thanks!

Hey Xezr, do you know anything about if they are going to release the update in the next couple of days/weeks? Our waiting for July to bring the update wich will fix the fireworks and loot boxes and stuff?

Heyo, I know there’s a hotfix in the works for several of the issues reported but I don’t know the exact date. I don’t think it’s the July update though, that’s usually at the end of the month. You could ask the devs at the Weekly Q&A Stream on wednesday :slight_smile:

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It’s 4 hours of actual game play time not simply 4 hours of time.

You need to go on expeditions to scavenge supplies (you can usually fully stock up by fast travelling to a bunker and raiding the accommodation areas) which usually gives you enough kit to spend more than 4 hours roaming around and completing missions.

Once you are into the game you have a wider choice of bunkers to raid

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Early on, Dyvik is also a good spot to restock quickly on some things, especially if you use lots of flares.

Aside from the toolboxes, everything normally restocks. Most blue toolboxes and occasionally yellow ones are empty even on first use moment you leave starter region. But so far everything outside of blue and yellow toolboxes outside of the starter region do respawn at least for me on pc.

it sometimes doesn’t feel like they do, it’s hard to keep track when you fast travel around a lot or log in and out. but they do respawn.

regular boxes and bags, not saying toolboxes.
well toolboxes do but they respawn as empty again