Ammo cap for robots

I feel that the robots need to have limited ammo for shooting at you lets take hunters for instance not fun to fight as when shooting at player they just continuely fire in a loop now these units have a melee so once they either run out off ammo they could resort to this the same way you shoot off their guns the tanks godly range is just ridiculous and needs some work along with their godly accuracy now if they where to run out of ammo on their machine gun thats when they should resort to their missile barrages now once depleted their basicly a sitting duck i would gladly run around and make them waste their ammo and a simple fix to stop exploitation doing this you can still get their intended ammo loot but reduced slightly not tremendously for making them waste so the player has is sum what atleast able to get ammo of them even if its reduced to a quarter due to this antics i enjoy the game im a solo player but haven’t been able to enjoy the game due to all the negative reductions to Adrenaline ammo tools medkits heinous loot timers as solo players have been shafted but i will be cheacking each update as i feel the game needs a middle ground and fair balance for both solo players and those able to play in teams

i think you should not get any ammo if they use it all before you kill them

Also lower experience for defeating it (well you haven’t taken the same risks to destroy it)

I had suggested last week that it would be good if a robot with no ammo would try to run away and try to find a harvester or ammo dump to resupply.

However that would involve a lot of overhead and consoles in particular are under powered in the processor stakes (maybe the next gen XBox and Playstations will make this likely.)

good points are made

  • enemy machines have infinite ammo until destroyed
  • loot of ammo is depending on char level and perks
  • if a machine had a limited supply of ammo , it should have to re-arm itself and how ( also how it affects game performance )
    i think it is better to not factor in the ammo cap for machines because of increased complexities to gaming dynamics , and focus more on the current gameplay, if the developers want to pursue that later im sure it can be done, and they listen to community feedback.
    thats my 2 cents :smiley: