Ammo Farming Help

What are some good locations to farm ammo for SMG and 9mm?

In my game I find 9mm FMJ for SMGs literally EVERYWHERE. About 50% of ammo boxes have an average of 50 rds. inside.
9mm FMJ for pistols is about 95% of what I can find in ammo boxes while being a client in multiplayer.

Same place as farming all other ammo - Command bunkers, and military bases/containers.

9mm FMJ for handguns can be found pretty much anywhere, though your best bet is military bases and dead soldiers. 9mm AP for handguns is harder to find, but still pretty ubiquitous. Both will sometimes drop from military runners that have SMG-type weapons, and occasionally from FNIX runners with SMG-type weapons.

9mm FMJ for SMG’s is mostly found at military bases and on dead soldiers, though it shows up elsewhere too. 9mm AP for SMG’s is pretty much exclusively at military installations. Both drop with high frequency from FNIX runners with SMG’s.

As far as specific places to farm resources in general:

  • All the command bunkers are decent, but typically not amazing. They’re generally better for restocking on heavy munitions (mines and grenades) and other consumables than ammo, but will give you decent amounts of ammo. Vesslan is usually worthless for this, but all the others are good if you’re lucky (though Hermelinen is a pain because the layout is so complicated).
  • Muskudden Port Complex is actually really good for getting the higher-tier ammo types (.50 BMG, 5.56, .44 Magnum, etc), but requires you to clear out enemies each time you go there.
  • Torsberga Fort is also good for general ammo stockpiling, but again requires clearing out enemies.
  • Norrmyra Artillery Base is my personal favorite. I almost never find any enemies there, and there’s a ton of containers to loot. I can often fully restock from almost empty on everything with just a single trip to Norrmyra.
  • Nyhamnen in Östervik is great for general restocking of consumables, but not so much for ammo. It should get much better once they fix the empty toolbox bug.
  • Dyvik is also really good, especially when you haven’t unlocked any command bunkers beyond Vesslan yet. There’s a guarantee of 8 flares there every time you load into the game (they’re world pickups, not loot in containers, so the 4-hour reset doesn’t apply to them), and there’s a decent number of other lootable containers there that make it generally worth cleaning out each time it pops just to top up resources.
  • There’s a spot north of Stenmyra near the end of the Östertörn bridge where there’s a dead AT unit that you have to locate for one of the missions from Skvadern. There’s not many things to loot, but between the dead soldiers and the ammo crates, it’s usually worth a stop to stock up on some of the rarer ammos (like .50 BMG). If you’re lucky, you can also find HEDP rounds there with some degree of reliability.

I’ve gotten large amounts of 9mm FMJ and AP off FNIX and Military Runners, especially the big packs that roam the northern parts of the map. Especially with the Salvage perk.

all depends on what you need whether you mean just 9mm or 9mm smg but tanks are currently the best thing to farm in my opinion as both drop quite a bit on defeat. this is with no scavenger perks on my vanguard but if you were to use a character with that skill unlocked you’d get even more;

Tanks have a strong tendency to give you ammo you don’t have a lot of, but that’s not really the same as ammo you need. I only ever keep a single stack of 9mm handgun ammo around, so they constantly favor that for me, even though I really don’t need more than the one stack (I’m more ammo efficient with that than anything else I have).


I haven’t found that myself, i wasn’t low in either ammo types there… :confused: but the big benefit i find from tanks is the ability to farm them without a scavenger perk and still be able to get reliable ammo counts.

Apart from the usual base runs (make straight for the accommodation areas) I suggest Hagal/Hagaboda (just north of Alby church) is a good looting ground and for me it almost always yields a lot of .50 cal

Simply search the garages and cars as the houses take too much time

Hunters can be great for 7.62 and with the full salvage perk a 200 to 300 rounds from each is not that unusual.

I can usually salvage enough ammo from downed bots to avoid heading off to bases, and tend to do so only when I decide to go hunting large things (having finished the game and got all the collectables I have run out of things to do.)

I would like a reliable source for 5.56 ammo though as the fully specced scope made it easy to find that hunter or seeker that has hidden itself behind something.

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Yesterday we Killed a military tank. Maybe it was Fnix. Dont’t remember. Killed a lot of stuff. And I got some 500 rounds of 9mm pistol FMJ. A health pack, 50 FMJ 5,56 and one tick pod. I almost never use my glock so I don’t carry extra ammo for it. Only what fits in it. So for me. I’d say that around 80% of ammo I get from tanks is 9mm pistol. So I’m in support of @ahferroin7 theory.

But if you are low level prototype tanks is rather easy solo and usually gives a lot of ammo. But for me mostly pistol.

We could definitely use a 9mm pistol and SMG merger, methinks.