Ammo for DLC Weapons

Why are weapons sold as DLC and don’t come with any ammo? I have never found ammo in the game that works in the guns.

Is there a certain level you have to be to find this ammo? I feel like I wasted money on DLC.

Some weapons in the DLC’s use already existing ammo in the game.

Others use specialized ammo that drops randomly in the world, or have increased drops if you have the weapon equipped. Ammo for these weapons can also be crafted from the beginning.

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Of which guns are you talking about?

I’ve got the Soviet and US weapons packs. I find ammo through the world for them. Although at a much lower rate than other ammo.

However, you do start with the schematics to craft said ammo out of the gate. You just need a safe house that has a crafting table and you can make your own.

Let me guess, that he just started the game, took his weapon-pack-weapons and wondered, that there is no or not as much ammo at the beginning.
Maybe he don’t even discover a crafting station.

That’s the problem with the dlc-packs.
They shouldn’t be available at the beginning or from the plundra.

Why are there 1c or 2c versions of the dlc guns and attachments in the game, if you start right with a 3c version of each? That doesn’t make sense.

I once suggested that there could be random (announced) weapon-drops somewhere on the map which deliver dlc guns. Like a support drop of the us or soviet forces, or a failed weapon transport of the resistance. Such random events would make the dlcs more worth by giving us random side-missions with a reward of the dlc-guns or plenty of ammo for them.


You can’t craft it, not early in the game. I’m nearly level 7 and I read you can only find it in the northern part of the map, which is long away before I’m there. It’s the 5.56 for the N16.

That’s a problem indeed.
5.56 is a bit rare, compared to 7.62.

But that’s how the game works.
Manage what you’ve got and what you get.

Ammo drops, no matter if from boxes or loot, are rng. If you don’t get enough ammo for one weapon, take another one.
That’s the way everyone started when there weren’t weapon-packs.

As example, I loved to use my good Älgstudsare instead of my Meusser, but the .270 just was too rare (at least for me).

A 5.56 blueprint is at Tokerök at south coast region.

Ahh yes, the N16. You didn’t specify which gun it was. I wrongly assumed one of the ones with custom ammo type like the ATWAD or something.

5.56 is a default ammo type that’s used in the AG-5. Happens to work in the DLC gun as well. And correct, that can’t be crafted without finding the schematic. And yes, that’s rare on in the archipelago region. In the base game, you typically don’t find the only gun that uses 5.56 - the AG-5 - until you get farther north. Then that ammo becomes more common in drops.

But the key to early game in GZ is to carry multiple weapon types. Outside of .32ACP and shotgun ammo, other ammo types are fairly limited. So if you carry multiple guns, you always have some ammo for something. Once you move farther north and start getting better ammo drops, you can be more picky about a loadout you like. When starting out, you can’t be quite that picky and must use whatever you can get your hands on to survive.

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The AG-5 isn’t the only gun in the base game that uses 5.56 ammo. The KVM89 is there, too. Well, it’s even more rare, but it’s there.

Btw.: I personally got a good AG-5 before I got a good AG-4. I even got a good AI-76 before I got a good AG-4. Somehow I had bad luck with the AG-4 in the beginning. The exp AG-4 was the last exp weapon I got. But I agree that the 5.56 is very rare at the beginning.

I didn’t know the KVM was a base gun. Last time I had played was before the DLCs came out and the KVM wasn’t a base gun. At least I don’t remember it if it was.

I know what you mean about the AG-4. Took me a LONG time to find even a 3C one. Got an experimental one from a rival, but man, it’s been hard to find an extended mag for it. Had none for a while. Found a 2C, then shortly after in the same session, a 3C. Haven’t found a better one playing every day the last 3 weeks. :confused:

It took me 6 months, every day about 3 hours 'til I got the exp AG4…

As far as I know both, KVM59 (7.62) and KVM89 (5.56), and of course the exp KVM59, came to the game as basic weapons when Alpine Unrest got released, like even the melee weapons came later to the game.

That would have been the last time I had played. I bought Alpine Unrest when it first came out, but the guys I was playing with kind of stopped playing and I prefer to play GZ multiplayer. That would why I had never seen those guns before.

When I came back to the game about 2 months back, I bought all the outstanding DLCs I didn’t have. So I assumed those guns were part of the new DLC weapon packs.

Dang. Took me a couple of weeks which I thought was a long time. lol However, it’s the extended magazines for it that seem to be rarer than an honest politician. Rarely ever see them at all, and the best I’ve seen so far is a 3C. Having more than 31 rounds available would make that gun a real killer with the incindiary ammo.

As for experimental weapons, in the last 2 weeks, I’ve picked up:

  • 2x Experimental Klauk
  • 2x Experimental shotgun
  • 1x Experimental rocket launcher
  • 1x Experimental AG-4
  • 2 x Experimental KVM59