Ammo information

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after resuming the game after a good break, a suggestion regarding the ammunition that we found throughout the game.

It would be practical to add an option or a mark on the type of ammo to know with what weapon it can be equipped with, there are so many types of caliber and type of bullets that sometimes we get lost, luckily shooting regularly, I know that the caliber 12 is a shotgun, 9mm pistol, etc. Example when our chest contains several pack of weapons and ammo, when we take the weapon a suggestion should pop to take the corresponding ammunition (all type) . Put the weapon logo on each ammo in order to more easily recognize them.

That’s all.

P.S. Keep doing the good job guys, the game was buggy when it came out but its now a really good game, very enjoying to see those wonderfull landscape !

Kind regards

All the ammo types are color coded making them easy to differentiate.

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I saw yes indeed, what to do for people who have color vision problems?

I saw that on the ammunition there was in brackets the weapon (PM), (PISTOL), which is also practical but I really think that a logo of the weapon would be clearer than the color, the same logo that you can find when the weapon is equiped (see picture in below).

P.S. the logo of rocket is wrong by the way :smiley:

Kind regards!

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I think it’s a good suggestion. At least in the beginning, things like this isn’t very clear. For veterans, it’s a whole different matter, but still - good suggestion!

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