Ammo pack bugged?

Got back into the game recently and have been making progress finally, managed to find myself a pvg 90 and it’s my main rifle now, have been using ammo packs to grab ammo for a couple days and just now when I went to craft some they won’t craft.

The tab isn’t greyed out, I crafted the emp’s minutes ago and had some nades on hand, so needing more resources isn’t the issue, and I can craft every other item no problem, even crafted a few last night before getting off.

It’s just been me playing so I’m solo, the world hasn’t even been opened to other people yet, platform is Xbox one, using an old console but it was fine yesterday, and couldn’t even think of how to recreate it.

If anyone has had a similar issue or knows a fix/workaround any info would be greatly appreciated.

Could you provide a screenshot of your crafting schematics tab for the ammo box and the crafting station with the ammobox selected?

Forgot to put those in there my b.

Ammo pack is 5th down in the center, didn’t think to hover it in the pic.

Ok, are the car battery emp and the grenades in your inventory or plundra?

As the ammo pack just costs one of each, be sure to have, let’s say 5 of each in your inventory and the rest in the plundra.

Try crafting again. If you’re able to craft just 5 ammo packs, it require the ressources to be in the inventory. If more, then plundra is the space to leave them.

Ahhh OK, it’s an item that has to have the parts in your inventory, just did what you said and they’re crafting now, thank you!

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@Zesiir report can be closed

Gotcha, closing report.