Ammo types and usage

is there any like list or something with describes the different ammo types, damage and usage against what and witch target?

there is some info on the wiki

but this sounds like a video idea for @tene


@kakarron I am sure it is just me but thus far I personally have been very disappointed by the Wiki, Steam Forum & by most (NOT ALL) videos. I am on Xbox & well not the smartest or brightest bulb in the pack & I find the Wiki way to vague, steam incomplete & most videos more full of whining & foul language than helpful information. Early on I was confused by some things & searched for helpful information I was shocked at how hard it was/is to find. I still have some questions but fear posting them here because of the shaming when if it has been asked or answered & I happened to miss it in my search…Anyway just my two cents worth of opinion & I have not that I know of seen video from you so this was NOT directed at you or anyone personally just an overall observation…

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@kakarron I’ve always considered making a video on that stuff, we’ll see if i ever do a damage video talking about how much damage each bullet individually will do. could call it “bullets facts in generation zero” :smiley: but for now i do answer most of these questions in my other videos like about which ammo type is good for which enemy, can be answered from my weapon analysis videos and “how to kill” videos.
and @SteampunkPagan feel free to voice those questions! who cares if someone out there will throw a fit over it, if you get someone sincere that answers your questions in the end :smiley: (p.s you can also find my videos as i keep it rather clean language wise and do my best to give helpful information)


To clarify, what i meant was the difference between say. 50 AP and. 50 fmj, damage-wide versus say the rocket turret component on a tank. What im trying to figure out is that if there is maybe some reason to f. Ex use AP rounds to shoot of the armor plates on the harvester legs then once the plates are off, proceed to switch for fmj ammo, if maybe that ammo does more damage than AP versus unarmored components? Or if the game has its ammo sorted by tier, that say AP ammo does 10 damage per shot when fmj only does 8, and soft point does 5? Depends on how the game is made i guess but that is what om trying to figure out:)

Well i do fully intend to do a full analysis, i’ll give some observations so far, AP actually penetrates armor and damages components inside of the armor with greater effect than the bullet would as any other variant, sometimes it can seem like it does less overall damage to the component in comparison to the FMJ. for something like the ACP round it has less armor penetration than the FMJ, similar to the soft point ammunition. But i have noticed soft point has a higher chance of destroying a component than FMJ. I feel like ammo designations in this game are more due to their effect than their “damage” parsay and it’s more of what you’re targeting on the enemy for what equates to the overall damage dealt.

But as i said i’ll be making a video probably shortly after i finish the new challenges :slight_smile: