Ammo variety/ Gun variety


So, we have one kind of ammo, lets say So, we have 3 or 4 guns that shoot this one kind of ammo.
There are two 9mm smg’s, and two kinds of 9mm pistols. Granted, these do all have different handling, and rate of fire. However, they seem…redundant. The most powerful pistol in the game has a very slow rate of fire, and low capacity (magnus). The .44cal is under exploited because of this in my opinion.
One way this could be solved- A- Add different ammo so that the guns aren’t all using the same stuff.
B- Add more guns for the more powerful ammo, such as .44 cal. Perhaps a dessert eagle, and also add more ammo, but less than if only ammo was added.


I agree. But a main problem is that the game is set in Sweden. The gun laws are pretty strict in sweden. The weapons in the game is “realistic” to stumbled upon i the scenario the game is set in, being hunting gear or service guns, either by law inforcement or military weapons. A desert eagle would truly be a unicorn in Sweden in the 80’s


I have to agree with you. Whatever weapons are in the game or will be added, have to match the setting and era.


Got me there. But its still a thought, maybe they could make it super rare or something. Kind of like finding a level 5 magnus, but moreso.


It’s better to add a hunting rifle that is common in Sweden. 9,3x62mm. The…270 in game is probably equal to the old military cartridge 6,5x55 that Sweden used. And many hunters use to day. So a more powerfull älgstudsare is a good thing in my opinion.


That’s not a bad idea, it would add some more flavor.


I’m not that educated in Russian firearms but since there are evidence of Russian presence in the game maybe they have a pistol with 44 cal or something fun that could be found in future updates/weapon packs?


There is the Udar revolver. A 5-shot 12,3mm bullet (.484 i think). It’s from the early 90’s. And there is also OTs-20 Gnom. A 12,5mm revolver. Basically a small shotgun both in Gun size and bullet size. It has different kinds of ammo like AP and slug. But the range is low compared to a regular handgun and accuracy is very poor. It has no grooves in the barrel just like a shotgun. But it is powerfull up close.


Those are good ideas. Although this is 1989, which means that a gun from the 90’s would not quite fit. The Russian gun, and the other shotgun revolver does sound pretty good though.

I wonder if they had oozies in Sweden back then. That would be a whole lot of ammo, but it would sure shred the bots.
I’m pretty sure i spelled oozy wrong.


This is a link to wikipedia. It lists a few, and by a few guns, vehicles, etc. that were used in Sweden, leading up to, and, throughout, the 80’s.


The standard configuration Uzi has the same rate of fire as the K-pist. But lower muzzle velocity. The mag size is also less in the Uzi. 25 was standard with 32 later on. K-pist has 36. The magazine itself is better in the K-pist. It has a very reliable magazine for cold climate and dirty conditions. Even US special forces used the K-pist in Vietnam. So I would rather fight the machines with a K-pist than an Uzi. At least when it comes to the Uzi in standard config. But the Uzi is better than the K-pist in other aspects. But in game I would choose K-pist.


That’s actually some very helpful information.
And, its interesting that you brought up reliability, its sort of a side note, but, if they added a feature to the game that, if you use an automatic weapon too much, it jams.


Could always have an explanation for the arrival of new guns. I mean they are going to be adding American weapons soonish?

Could say that the machines have spread past the boarders and add NPCs into the world that are coming from other countries to try and squash em. Or hell some crazy prepper/smuggler brought them in and when he/she was killed or taken word got out of their stash.

Just my ideas to help them add new weapons.


Not a bad idea. And plus, that could offer material for new DLC’s, or entire sequels based in America.