Ammomancy - Ammo Box Shenanigans

The crafting rework changed a lot of recipes along with adding the ability to craft your own ammo boxes. However, this change wasn’t erm… completely… thought through? And there are some discrepancies that we can take advantage of.

One ammo pack is one Grenade (2 Explosive/4 Plastic) and one Car Battery EMP (2 Electrolyte/4 Rubber). Each use of an ammo pack has 3 uses.

Other things I’ve noticed:

  1. Type doesn’t matter: HP gets the same number as FMJ and AP.
  2. The ammo is the same regardless of gun i.e. Moller PP and Vosa Vz.28/S21 and AI-76.
  3. You can change what ammo type you get by having it loaded into your gun.
  4. Exp ammo is excluded, but smoke and emp rounds for launchers are included.

.243: 5 rounds
.270: 4 rounds
12g: 5 rounds
5.56: 30 rounds
7.62: 20 rounds
32ACP: 8 rounds
9mm Handgun: 30 rounds
.44: 6 rounds
9x39: 20 rounds
Arrows: 20 arrows
50BMG: 10 rounds
Grenades/Rockets: 1 round
Fuel: 20 Fuel

Okay? So how can we use this:

32ACP and Fuel are better off being crafted.

Most rounds have a trade-off, you’ll get more through an ammo box but you’ll be using up rubber and electrolyte.

There’s an oddity where the HE grenade gets 1 round from an ammo box, but crafting gives 2.

EMP rounds for the GL and GRG (12 electrolyte/6 copper) are better off obtained through an ammo box (2 Explosive/4 Plastic/2 Electrolyte/4 Rubber)

50BMG is definitely better through an ammo box (30 rounds cost 40 explosive and 20 lead/80 steel)

Arrows are the biggest winner here.

60 standard arrows cost 120 wood/steel
60 explosive arrows cost 240 wood/120 explosive
60 flare arrows cost 240 wood + 60 flares (240 wood/120 adhesive)

This makes flare arrows the best source of wood. 60 flare arrows = 120 wood/60 adhesive/60 explosive.


Nice calculations - definitely useful. :+1::sunglasses: