Ammunition crafting?

I have just returned to the game after a very long break mostly caused by my save files being corrupt and me losing all my progress. I didn’t have the heart to start again but now a few months have passed and I am playing again.

I have seen the new changes and such. Can anyone say if ammunition can be crafted? I have not found any .270 rifle ammo for several playing sessions despite having the hunting rifle equipped. I am wondering if this is a bug.


Welcome back. You can’t craft ammo yet, sadly. But there’s been a ton of suggestions taken aboard regarding the future of the crafting mechanics so I’m hopeful something’ll come of it.

I play with the .270 rifle as well, I do have the Salvage perk but I think that kind of ammo especially drops from Harvesters, and in higher leveled regions… :thinking:

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If your still looking for .270 ammo military harvesters drop a decent amount of them. Try going to Bockhyttan there is usually 8 to 9 of them but sometimes a few wanderer directly east of the Angeras church safehouse. Also be careful because most of the time there will be 2 military tanks in or around the town.

I can see reloading being a thing, but crafting from scratch I’m not so sure about

Collect fired brass (good % chance it’s reusable from bolt action, lower chance if fired semi-auto, even lower if fired full-auto)

Opportunities to create neato custom ammo, yes please

Good to have you back, @Saddletank. Hope you’re doing fine :+1:

I’m good Ian, thanks very much. No problems here from the lockdown and other terrible events. Being retired and with a pension means the mess we are enduring has had little to no effect on me other than stopping me going to my wargames club and a few conventions.

I actually much prefer to avoid combat and never go looking for the bigger machines to fight so if the main source of the .270 ammo now is drops from big machines I might ditch the sniper and go back to the weaker one since .243 ammo is plentiful. The ammo distribution must be a new thing then since .270 ammo was easy to find when I last played back in Oct/Nov.

The game-within-a-game to get the payer to go into combat more is one of the main things I dislike about GZ, I wish the devs would pitch things more so that wider tastes were catered for. I am very much a sneak and disengage type of player, I just enjoy competing the missions with the minimum of combat and usually hide or withdraw when machine patrols come by. I just feel that this is how a sensible survivor would behave.

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You could also go after military/finx class Hunters that are using the shoulder mounted sniper the only problem with that is they might not drop any .270 rounds. You might get standard Hunter loot or .50 cal rounds and if they do drop. 270 will most likely be soft point not full metal jacket ones.

I ought to mention that the .270 ammo lack was on the archipelago region. I’ve crossed over to the main island now and its common there in loot boxes, so no problem now. Thanks all.