Ammunition locations

I can find rpg ammo in average houses in barns. this is kinda dumb. I think ammo should spawn in different amounts depending on location. places like average farms and houses only spawn 12g .270 .243 and .44 ammo. instead of the metal crate things we normally find ammo in it would be in whatever real life ammo is stored in, in higher amounts.
ammo for more military like weapons would be extremely common in military bases. in rooms like armory’s instead of bedrooms and toilets. police and military vehicles would have plenty of 5.56 7.62 99m etc.
basically ammo would spawn where it would be found irl.


I believe right now, the ammo spawning depends on the body/container/machine type, and also to some degree which weapons you have equipped.

So you’re right - ammo spawns does currently not take location placement or type into account. I guess this would require a total rewrite of the loot system.

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I wouldn’t sign that…
Loot containers or dead bodies on himfjäll for example have much more often .50 and 7.62, grenades and mines than in other regions, so it should be possible, at least by region.

I’m not sure if I have experienced this for loot containers. Are you sure it’s not because most of the bodies are “resistance fighters”, which may a different loot table than soldiers and others?