An easier way to change ammo type

Instead of opening up inventory scramble to find ammo for your weapon then click it then choose to attach.

How bout, run out of ammo, press reload, a little pop up window with ammo for that gun, highlight which you want, hit accept and reload.

Im on xbox x


Yeah, this really needs improved. Ideal situation IMO would be:

  • If you run out of one type of ammo for the gun, you automatically start using whatever other type you have in inventory (probably prioritizing by inventory order for weapons with more than two ammo types).
  • You have a display of how much of each other type of ammo you have for the gun in smaller text above the current ammo info.
  • You can hit a key to switch ammo types so that the next time you reload, it’s that type of ammo.

Hey. I was thinking about something similar to this last night.

My thoughts were to change your ammo type, hold the reload button and choose which one to load.

I think that should be feasible to implement?


Switch ammo by keybind, I suggested this in a different post.
But slightly different: hitting that key would make you instantly load the new desired ammo type…
So, example: Bind Key U to ammo type X, Bind Key to ammo type Y…
Hitting U thus would immediately load ammo X
I really like this idea…
Who knows… maybe…

Another one I suggested: weapon display (weapon in the quick-bar) auto-shows ammo (and maybe mods) loaded?

Good thinking right there, @Thierry_Onwed @ahferroin7 !!!


I’d like to second the suggestion about having a keybinding to switch ammo - however my idea might be even simpler.
Many games have a single keybind to switch ammo on the fly, that simply “cycles” through available ammo types for the equipped weapon (STALKER games are a good example of this).
So for instance 9mm have FMJ and AP ammo. Hitting this single key will load the first stack of the “other” ammo type than what is currently in the weapon. If you have 3 ammo types, it will cycle through all 3.
This is IMO the fastest and easiest way to implement an ammo cycle key, and you only need a single key or button. And 99% of the times you’ll only have 2 ammo types to switch through, which makes it very simple and intuitive. :+1:
It would also be nice if the HUD more clearly showed what type of ammo is currently loaded in your weapon, I don’t believe this info is clearly shown atm…


Issue is with consoles, they do not have free buttons.
And PC as well as consoles basically have the same game, save for the engine.
Bringing it it PC should also bring this to console…

Why not enable button combinations for consoles?

Use the same key as the fire mode switch and add a modifier key.

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I suggested this actually, but seems to be too hard for the players, I was told.
Accidentally hitting more keys and all.

Could be, not familiar with these devilish monsters.

When I see one, I ask Geralt to deal with them…

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There is a popular game that I’ve put thousands of hours into that has a nice feature when it comes to switching ammo types. Normally ‘R’ is to reload your weapon, but if you held down ‘R’ it brings up a circle wheel that has the available ammo types for your current weapon in your inventory. I’m sure you could do something very similar with the common reload button on consoles. You would move the mouse (or joystick) to highlight which ammo type you want, and then your character reloads the weapon with that other ammo type. It works quite well and it’s simple


Yeah, that would solve the console issue very elegently! :slight_smile:

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@boston_51 @pegnose
If the console users agree, I am all for it.
Good idea.
Then again, key combo got shot off to, which imho was just as logical as idea.
Either way, love the thought for sure.

they should just add keyboard and mouse support for consoles


There are a million shooters on console that have this figured out. It’s not that hard.

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