An Experimental - Experimental Loadout


I’m going to be looking at 3 new combinations of experimental weapon setup for the Vanguard.

Opinions on what is the “best” experimental weapon is personal choice - but when you look at the character as a whole, you now have the skill tree build, weapon loadout, and schematics to factor in. With the skill tree done with the Vanguard build, and clothing schematics on hold until the patch - I’ve turned my attention to the metal work.

I’d like any feedback that is constructive - as it may benefit your own playstyle to try some of the loadout’s. If there is a specific combination you feel would work - feel free to suggest it below and I will look into it against the skill tree.

Despite being only a 9mm FMJ setup across the board - it’s clear that quick takedowns are possible. I would on reflection - not empty the clip completely between swap over so the reload time is reduced by an extra 1 second.

The XK17 comes with the stun perk that really does come in handy especially with the Hunters. Again - the the rate of fire and reload are extremely quick ( with or without Bionik grips )

Few clips below while using Borgakulan testing grounds