An explanation when traveling to areas on the map and why there empty

, an explanation when traveling to areas on the map and why there empty, Time Travel affected the rest of the world, and this is the only island not affected because it’s in a dome of protection from Time and Space, so it in a TV show called The Outer Limits

expectedly the Main Top island at the very top, when reaching the edge of the map, it drops off into a big hole of nothingness, like the edge of the world or somthing

What are you talking about?
Time travel??
It’s a video game. The game’s world has boundaries. What explanation does that need?

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:thinking: Maybe taken the wrong pills ? :man_shrugging:


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well i hope he brought enough for the whole class…

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I wanted to reply politely to begin with…
But my bullshit radar is flashing in the background. :crazy_face:

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Thx. That’s exactly what I thought. :sweat_smile:
Just didn’t want to be the first asking this.
Sometimes I seem to misunderstand Echelon when he spills out such new topics.

Which areas do you mean? Empty of what?

  • Structures?
  • machines?
  • humen?
  • what else?

It’s a game with a limited fictional area to play in. There is no reason to find why it’s limited.
And areas outside of Östertörn or Himfjäll aren’t intended to be able to be visited so there is no reason to design them more detailed.

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Ahh, it all makes sense now!

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one of the islands has roads on it, I can’t explain that one lost in time travel, because houses are usually built first, then roads :thinking: I’m just as confused as you are, let me sit and think 4 moment

There are two of those with just roads seen on the map.

The map is built automatically dependend on what surfaces and levels were used when the landscape was designed.

So even if there are no plans to make them accessible, the used surfaces and textures let us see roads on the map.

there’s a Back to The Future car in a barn in the game :dizzy_face: Marty mcfly is walking around somewhere