An Idea for Multiplayer Versus

So this is out of left field. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time so please disregard, trash and burn, and it wont hurt my feelings! :blush: But I thought it might be cool if a mod or an official version could be created where there would be a team of survivors and then players could also get to play as a team of bots against the player survivors!! I know, it sounds like other games, but I thought it might be fun! Players could be the Seekers, Runners, or Hunters and every now and then with a roll of the dice, someone could be the tank!! And enjoy blasting the survivors!! :rofl::rofl:

I hoped some might like the idea, if not I understand! :blush::+1:

This game is to special for PvP and has still to many bugs in multiplayer. But its a good idea like the Invasion mode in Dying Light. (Sill missing in DL 2)

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As long as we don’t have another human faction, which fights against the resistance, I don’t see much potential in a pvp mode.


If a pvp mode would combine two game-types, I could imagine something cool.
The opposing player (fnix) could have a different view on the game, RTS-like. Controlling just a single machine wouldn’t make much sense, so he controlls just all of them.

Imagine a base defense, where one faction (resistance) would defend the base in FPS mode as usual, but the other faction (fnix) plays it as RTS and controlls the machines to attack the base and destroy the command center.

Same procedure for base assaults, where resistance players attack a fnix base in FPS mode as usual, but the defender controls the base and machines in RTS mode.

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