An idea for the one of the new islands

just an idea not really a suggestion because the devs would die of old age before finishing creating such a massive thing

There are 2 islands to the right of the map that are inaccessible and have nothing on them, an interesting idea would be if one was a city island, not like the cities in the game now, like a city with skyscrapers and massive buildings and stuff, the whole island. There would also be a new class of FNIX machines.

This is made to be difficult, and made for stealth. Being afraid of the machines is one of the best parts of the game but it goes away. You are not supposed to fight and kill these, you are supposed to hide.

With the entire map being a city it seems like it would be difficult for tanks and harvesters to move around, so the roads would have to be very wide.

The new class of machines would be very different. They would be colored all black and have 0 exposed components. Everything has armor, also, the components are in different places, so you don’t really know where to shoot. They would also have vents coming out of them with the purple poison gas coming out. All of their bullets would give this purple gas damage for a short time.

With the cities tall buildings it would block the sun a little more making it darker around the city. All the streetlights would be broken.

With the very tall buildings you would think it would be easy to just escape FNIX by going up, but the Seeker has changed. It would be able to fly up vertically and follow you, it also has two weapons. One is a gas grenade launcher, this gas has a much much higher area than hunter gas, it’s meant to bring you out. They also have a shotgun, it will shoot windows with it to be able to gas you. Also all its components are armored so it’s harder to kill. The gas also kills you faster than hunter gas

Ticks would also be very different. The apocalypse tick has a scorpion tail that poisons you, this has a tail that spits blinding acid at you. It has a 3 meter range, when it hits you you get blinded for 15 seconds, giving the tick time to jump on you and poison you.

Runners would no longer have a gas can on top. It would be in their chest, so you would need a shot to the chest from the exp pvg to one shot kill them. THe whole body of the runner is armored though, no gaps to see the tank. Runners also have an extra gas grenade launcher on them where the gas can was.

The tank would have all its components moved around so you don’t know where to shoot. It’s also 100% covered with armor. It has 4 new guns, 2 small turrets and 2 gas grenade launchers. All guns are on their own reload and fire timer, instead of one going and then stopping for a long time until the other one goes. The gas would be the same gas the seeker has, a large radius. The little turrets are like runner turrets.

Harvester isn’t really changed that much, missiles do purple poison, calls down hunters.

Hunter would have 2 variants, flamethrower or poison bullets. They both have a gas grenade on one shoulder and a 50 cal on the other, both can fire whenever they reload instead of waiting for the other. Gas tank on the back is moved and fully armored. Tick pods are less sticking out and are more inside the machine, and do fall off as easily.

maybe you would need to start a new character that starts on this island? so you start with nothing, making it more difficult?

If Ostervik is anything to go by, going to a giant city Island on PS4 would probably blow up your console.


Still, incredible idea though. That would be VERY awesome. Definitely pay extra for something like that!


yea it would probably be a huge dlc but would be worth it

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I was kinda hoping maybe for some city scape too!
I love urban areas in games like this, but its possible we may get a compromise, we got two whole Islands to work with, much can be done with that kind of space. Probably another big town or something with a small :pinching_hand: civil airport

The other possibility could be a large FNIX facility :mechanical_arm: ,which would give an entirely different tone.

I think your idea pretty Rad tho :call_me_hand:

mostly i think it would be interesting to get a ton of skyscrapers, having to avoid seekers that patrol much higher, maybe even a robot that climbs walls like spiderman. also we dont really have any reason for stealth anymore so if the robots could be so strong that fighting them its pointless it would make stealth more interesting. the game also needs a punishment for dying.

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I’ve always wanted the Island to the left of Muskudden to be like the real Muskö naval base. You can google it. It was a very important naval base during the cold war. It has a long tunnel going to it from the mainland. It has underground docks for submarines and destroyers. It’s one of the worlds largest underground naval bases.


Sweden didnt have a lot of skyscrapers in the 80s and if we had a lot of them they whould be in larger cities like Göteborg or Stockholm not a small island. It whould look so wierd and out of place. I know the game have been taking on a more alternate history sci fi route with all of these big bunkers and all of that but skyscrapers? No that is too much. And by the way like i said skyscrapers werent a big thing in Sweden so how whould they look like? I think most people here whould want them to look like modern day and that whould be a disaster to the game. Because then no longer does it mean to follow the lore or the theme of the game then it is just ad in what you think is cool.

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I feel that this is one of the greatest “problems” with many suggestions.
Everyone likes the core element of fighting the machines, but many users don’t think about the setting (place and time) and the lore.

They just want to shoot robots. And that in a way as cool and as futuristic as possible.

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I love this idea. A massive city would be a very welcome part of this game. I would be willing to pay a good amount of money for a DLC like this. Awesome idea bro, keep it up!

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Still think it is a bad idea. Can anyone that wants this please tell me why you want it? 1. do you think it helps the story? 2. Does it looks like this whould be in a small island in Sweden 1980? Is this lore friendly?