An idea to go along with a Survival Mode / Bonus Game


So I had this thought, maybe others have had as well. So here goes. What if doing the typical survival type game, Where you’ll need food and drink, but also temperature could be a factor. Via rain and snow so houses to keep you warm as well for resource finding. So all these standard things. But with an objective to make it more meaning. Give you more a reason to survive. So you start down at the bottom of the map as you do in the main game. And the idea is to reach that bridge right up north into the mainland. And it would be risky trying to take shortcuts through forests, could have some seriously nasty robots in there. But you could run in the risk of starving or thirst etc. So you’d plan your route cleverly.


That’s DayZ, they have hunger, thirst, temperature, and broken bones. It’s survival loot kill zombies


Dayz is more pvp. Not a Co-op based game. …and sadly more broken than this game. If BadButterzz is on the same page with what I think would be a great addition, it’s not going that extreme with survival elements. Not nearly as hardcore as Dayz. Didn’t see any mention of blood transfusion and bacterial infections. Which is good. Just enough survival elements to make the game more of an adventure when playing. Truth is, there are way more games out there that you can run around and just shoot s*** to play than there are survival games if that floats your boat. It’s highly requested because of how well it fits this game. As much as I strongly back this idea. Optional would be the way to go though. Keep everyone happy.


Your idea is cool and I like it. However it is not at all the actual concept of the game. If one day Avalanche delivers a modding interface, it would be a great opportunity for a good mod.


I do like DayZ. And it really needs a lot more work on it. This survival idea of mine still keeps the core gameplay as such. But just aims for an a to b experience. And with your coop buddies making it out alive. Like I said as an optional gameplay. Looking forward to seeing the world expand more with all new things they’ll add.