An issue about lights

First off, while I do have a lot of the same issues with the game as everybody else does I really do love the game and would love to see it improve, again though that being said here are a few issues I have with it in regards to the lights/lighting:

  1. Not all light switches are where they need to be, not working and or there are no light switches where switches should be. there have been several instances where I’ve encountered light switches that did not work. light switches that were so far off a wall that you can’t help BUT notice lol, as well as places where there really should be light switches but none exist for said lights ( example: outdoor/porch lights for houses should have switches to turn them on and off I mean you thought of putting an interactive switch for lights above a stove but not for porch and outdoor lights near a house? raises an eyebrow as well as certain lights in rooms like bathrooms, storage rooms etc. inside the various bunkers, barracks etc. there are other examples as well but will cut them out for the sake of time).

  2. In some cases like when entering the very first bunker in Salthamn where the power must first be restored, I found I could turn lights on and off before I even restored the power, to me this is very game/immersion breaking, as those lights should be scripted to not work until power is restored.

  3. In almost all cases I have encountered with lights that lights from other rooms will be shining through walls into the rooms next to them or from outside where there is no exposure to said outside lights on the sides of houses, sheds etc. not sure what the issue there is but probably falls into the same category as fixing the issue of robots being able to clip through walls I don’t know if this can be fixed or not, I hope it can because again, kind of immersion breaking to see that because lights should not behave like that.

P.S. lol: okay one other tiny issue, probably already been addressed, multiplayer settings do not save like if I set my settings to invite only they should stay as such but do not and I should also be able to set them from the main menu, please look into this.

The Light switches are stupid and have no bearing on the Gameplay, interaction should be removed its pointless.

I’m sorry but i beg to differ, the ability to turn off a light and thus keep a low profile does have a bearing on gameplay because not all machines have LLA (aka NV) or IR or OPV modules equipped some most likely have basic camera systems equipped for vision meaning they see everything no different than you or I, example i was once crouched out in the open in a shadowed area at night and had a runner, all yellow lit meaning it was aware that I was nearby, and it walked right past me and kept on going, meaning there is an advantage to not having lights on plus being able to just turn them off saves bullets so you don’t have to shoot them out. plus how many houses have you been in that had no light switches IRL? NONE

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I love that you can turn lights off in houses, it helps to prepare ambushes on the machines. They are affected by environmental light, you can destroy street lamps to pass unseen at night which is fantastic. It’s sad some switches are bugged in houses but sometimes one can shoot out the lamps instead.

I haven’t seen light shining through walls though, I always thought the dynamic lighting was handled rather nicely. Another bug to add to the list, I guess.


No, you two are way overthinking the very simple fighting mechanics in this Game. The problem is that you haven’t figured out the Formula yet for fighting the Robots.

I’ve logged almost 200 hrs into this game thus far and I’ve almost got my second alt to level 31. I play the way that I want, in the most effective way I can and I have fun doing it. But hey, what do I know?

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I’ve found being able to turn off house lights very helpful when I am fighting a pack of hunters from inside the house at night. With the lights on it’s much more difficult to see out through the windows.


Game developers don’t put features into a game unless there is a point, so clearly the fact that they put in light switches means they are there for a reason and not just to be immersion eye candy.

  1. It’s because some lights don’t cast a shadow to increase performance. There are proven methods of dealing with this like using lightmaps instead of real time shadows or dividing the level geometry into discrete rooms and telling the light which surfaces it can illuminate … this is an early access game, so maybe they’ll figure something out in the future.

Robots seeing through walls shouldn’t be related. It’s probably an issue with the raycasting to determine if the player is in line of sight.
If a bot stands right next to the wall (like they always do when you take cover in a house) the ray may start in front of the bot which is on your side of the wall, making the game think there is no obstacle in the way.

that then sounds like a collision issue, because it’s not so much seeing through walls they are flat out walking through them at times

There is definitely something wrong with collision.
I completely avoided the single Hunter inside the southern naval base but later got spotted by some spider bots, which also made the Hunter hostile. When I went back outside I found the Hunter floating horizontally inside a corridor / standing on a wall.
If the game had issues with the route finding of that huge robot and decided to place it on a vertical wall, yeah, that’s a pretty big issue.

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Here is another light bug. Eye lights from Tanks will sometimes remain after being killed.


all lights are on from mashines at dead

Sorry I should have been more specific. I was referring to the white light in the sky, not the red light. This was the broken eye of the Tank. These lights sometimes remain active in the Tanks death position.