And regarding the Plundra I think

… that it is pretty cool and way to big! So Mr. Graham asked for our opinions, and here is mine. I see it as a weapon safe. For weapons. Those you don’t carry around but might need or have grown attached to. Like a 5* Møller PP. I haven’t used the Møller Pp since I found my first Klauke, but I wouldn’t let go of it. However, I found myself stocking Møller ammo in the storage box. That is silly. Ok, a little ekstra stock of ammo or canisters might come in handy. But at least reduce storage to 100 slots, not 100 items. And sorting would be nice. Now, many of you guys probably disagree, so feel free to flame me to your hearts content :blush:

One more thing: as others have noted, you wouldn’t find the box in all safehouses. That’s cool by me. Just having them in the churches would be fine. And appropriate, as one of our fine fellow posters has made them his new religion :wink:

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If you wanna store less, you can always opt to do so.


I spend hours every day down on my knees in front of my altar… I mean my Plundra. I lovingly caress and polish the religious artefacts it contains, especially those rescued from the clutches of the heretical machines!

On a more serious note I too think storing ammo in it is a bit of a waste, as well as other easily found bits n pieces like flares, radios and gas canisters. I think guns, rare ammo like .50 and rocket launcher rounds, salvaged machine parts and maybe field radios and paramedic packs are the critical things.

Each to his own though - if someone wants to stuff the whole box full of fireworks that’s quite okay by me, just don’t smoke near it.


Plundra should be be named hoarder instead. Earlier you where basically forced to select you weapons with care and drop the ones you didn’t use that much. Now you just hoard stuff in mass.

But I guess it will put an end to the constant requesting of more storage. I just hoped that they adjusted the inventory skill and normal inventory to match the storage space of Plundra. I would suggest removing one line in the inventory due to Plundra.

I think making it impossible to put weapons into your backpack would be one thing to do, so you can only carry 2 primaries and a side arm. The idea of going around with half a dozen guns on your back is daft, yet the problem is we’ve been fed such nonsense by early shooters like Doom and Quake and have never shaken it off.

An alternative is to give everything a weight/mass and every extra pound you carry slows you down until you either crawl at a snail’s pace or just stop. A fairly lengthy bit of code to write and implement but it would make players face some interesting choices between loadout and manoeuvrability.

Yes, two rifles, a sidearm, and five additional weapons including a granate launcher in the fjallraven bachpack seems a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it? I think that one or two would be okay. Still unrealistic, though. That would also encourage you to specialize (e.g. for team play). The travel pace penalty isn’t a bad idea, btw. But then again … it is a game after all.

Honestly everything you guys said makes no sense to me. In a world were there’s a Max of four humans we have the space to hoard. The fact you can hold more in your inventory than the storage box with weapons in your bag and all. Is clearly not that well thought out. But less storage is not the answer to any of this. But the way the world is essentially empty we could leave shit on the ground and it will never be touched however video game world’s cant have that logic. But less storage space or bag space is the opposite of what we need. Please stop this post before the developers catch wind of this wonky logic. I spend more time organizing than playing now. It’s a shame

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Oh, I think the devs know a bit more about game dynamics than most of us guys, and I’m sure they will evaluate any opinion carefully before implementing it. I will by no means stop this thread but I urge everybody, who cares for the game, to state their opinion. After all, Avalanche has requested it, remember? You have some very valid points to make, and for my own part I believe that it is important to balance some kind of realism against the fact, that it should still be optimal fun to play. As I said, it is a game after all.

For the first week of playing I wouldn’t carry a gas bottle 'cos I thought it’d slow me down too much!


I think people are entitled to discuss things aren’t they? Just because the way you view the game world is different to how others do is no reason to ask that discussions stop. BTW, you can drop items in a game world (inside special containers) and have them persist over multiple sessions - Arma2/DayZ did exactly that. Its not an insurmountable coding problem.

Just because my ideas differ from yours please don’t say my logic is wonky. My logic is 100% fine - for me.

All I am suggesting is that the amount the player carries is unrealistic, and the speed at which you can run while loaded down with gear is also unrealistic. I am just chewing over ideas here, not mailing the devs with £1000 as an incentive to change the game how I want it. Then again video game player characters since Doom have been supermen so I don’t see that changing any time soon.

In the game we may be the only human left on the planet for all I know but that is equally unrealistic. If this were a real situation there would be thousands of survivors and it would not be safe to assume you could drop your possessions anywhere and they would remain untouched. In fact its reasonable to use the logic that the fact they disappear is good evidence that there are other people out there… You just never meet them because they hide when you are nearby :wink:

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Your right that logic is 100% yours. I’d never share that thought process. Its really unrealistic to think that the bags hold more than the box. And u r asking for less storage. The game actually tells you that your it. That’s not opinion that’s from the game. I have just as much right to ask you to stop this foolery as you have the right to keep doing it. I didn’t direct the wonky logic at just one person.that comment about stop this post was redundant didnt expect you to stop honestly but troll more. This isn’t the first time you disagreed with someone on here. And played the victim. So I’m not gonna go tit for tat with you.

Keep it civil, @Saddletank and @Droidydev. This is a discussion forum, and both of you are going off-topic in the worst manner possible. Agree to disagree. Don’t make me hand out warnings.


And here, my friend, I believe that you are completely wrong. Opt out of the discussion if you don’t like, or keep defending your views, which I would encourage you to do. But please don’t ask others to shut up. That, I believe, is not considered good behaviour in an open forum like this. Please consider leaving the censoring to the moderators :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, seems like the moderators are online :wink:


Thanks Xezr. All I was doing was making some suggestions for the game. I am sure that is okay. Then the other forum member told me to stop doing that. That is why I responded. People should not insult others just because their opinion differs. I have no issue at all with people making game play suggestions for the devs to pick up on or ignore as they choose, even if they are suggestions for changes I would not want. That’s why we have a forum, but when someone is rude to me and basically tells me to shut up, then a line has been crossed.

No worries, you are allowed to have opinions. Just trying to avoid it getting personal when people disagree with eachother, as sometimes happens.

I personally think that the Devs shouldn’t decrease the storage space because its already hard to organize your staff . And also this would be a great disavantage to the solo players that must do multiple things at once .

I think storage space at safe houses probably needs to increase, though I suppose whether that’s a common thought is debatable - what is the teenaged college student player supposed to be doing in the game? It seems like the scripted missions are driving him/her on to discovering the story behind the events, if that is the case that’s probably a good reason to stay on the move across the map and not amass a huge collection of possessions because even with the Plundra in effect that person is carrying a vast stash of gear around with them.

What bugs me is simply that a player can carry so many guns. I now discipline myself to just the 3 gun slots and never take more. At least that is an option I can choose to exercise.

As I have ben playing over the last two days it has struck me that this is a quite strange game. On the one hand you are given this wonderful open world to explore and on the other there is a fairly linear story that unfolds as you make your way across the map. Exploring can lead to some odd events as you hit missions in the wrong order or from the “wrong end” so to speak, yet simply following the story means you miss so much that is out there to discover. Its hard to pin down exactly what Avalanche intended and despite how much fun I’m having and how good the environments look I am wondering if the game isn’t really something of a mess.