Angeräs church: mission

Searched but found nothing about this mission.

It doesn’t excist and another bug or…?

I suppose you are doing FINX Rising missions. The mission should popup after you finished the previous mission, just past Angerås Church (flat tire) and near Sillavik truck repair shop.

Truck repair shop

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At the end… I think I’m too dumb for this game. Really!

Sometimes you need to talk to Calle to proceed, keep that in mind. I remember that it happened that calle stopped, (maybe it was here) and it took me a while to figure out that I had talk to Calle to get it going again.

Gaming is good brain-exercise, old adventurers have to keep doing this. Hydrate and Stretch the old synapses. :vulcan_salute:

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Yes indeed :nerd_face:

But there’s no signal or message that you have to talk to Calle?

No, there wasn’t, only when you walk up to him.

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Still confronted by this… synapses are stressed… :grin: