Annoying Depth Of Feild Effects

While playing Gen Z on PC GamePass I noticed that I can’t really see crap with the dof blurring my entire screen. I barely can see 4ft Infront of me at all times. I’m curious if there is a way to disable it or possibly creating a slider so those whom have it can choose to have blurry or clear vision.

Turn off Chromatic Aberrations in graphics options. This will reduce blurring, especially on the edges.

Apart from that there is no DOF setting, because it’s barely used in GZ (mostly while aiming).

I tried to recreate your screenshot on my PC, using 1360x768 resolution, but I couldn’t get such severe blurring. Could you post a screenshot of your graphic and display settings, and your PC specs?

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In the game settings there is such an option (at least on Playstation).

This is how it looks like for me on highest setting (80). I normally use a value of 65.

Im pretty sure thats field of view. Im on PS and have nrver seen a depth of field slider in any settings, just the FoV slider in game settings.


Sorry, you’ll be right.
In german it’s just “Sichtfeld”, but now I checked the translation. :wink: Just wasn’t sure about that.

Depth of view isn’t a game option, but I’m sure that the depth of field is reduced when selecting a higher value for the field of view, because more information has to be displayed at the sides.

Yeah the various post-processing effects in this game can be really annoying.

Been requestiong for a long time now for the ability to disable them, especially since the option exists in the in-game photo mode.