Anonymous signals - How to find?

A few times I got this assignment. But nowhere to find (for me).

Anyone a hint?

It’s hard to find.
Take the map, zoom out and search for a blue side mission marker.

It’s one of the procedual missions and has no fixed location.

So more help isn’t possible.

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Hope this helps, I just thought I would add this note if its ok…

Just to go one step further, on PC you have an option to change what you see on the map. By default it’s everything. But you can change what is highlighted on the map. Select ‘missions’ while scrolled/zoomed out and you’ll see just the missions you have available.

You may already know this, but just in case, one other thing too, is that you can from your LOG menu track the mission. Just open the LOG and on the mission use the button/click ‘Track’ the mission and it will highlight it on compass.

I hope that helps!

Keep up the fight! :grin::+1:

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Never took a look into the log to see for one of these procedual missions.

And yes, map filters can make the searching easier.

Thanks all and I’m aware of these filters, but no progress here.

I just had one of those missions last I played. I was able to select the missions filter, see the blue side mission icon and went to that location.

There were beacons that had to be destroyed and a huge battle to shut them down.

May I ask, what you are playing on, PC, Xbox, or PlayStation?

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I’m playing on PC.

The mission should appear in your LOG as a Side Mission. You should be able to (with the mission selected) use the ‘R’ key to track the mission. It would then put a mark on your compass at the top of the screen.

You should still be able to see the mission on the map as well. When you get close to the location, you’ll hear the pulse sound from a beacon. Just getting near it, will trigger a bunch of machines to attack.

I hope this helps.

Keep up the fight! :grin::+1:


Didn’t know about the ‘R’, but always handy!

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