Another small request

I often find myself juggling between inventory to know how much ammo I can craft with available space.

Could we please get the weight of the ammo also shown that will be added after crafting.

Thank you please.



Again, a very good idea.
There should be our current inventory-weight and the weight of how much will be added.
Current inventory-weight should update automatically after each crafting. :+1:

too many topics to read for developers or admins. so pretty much it will take very long to wait.

You may be right.
That’s the negative side of an active community with many ideas.

But who knows if there isn’t someone who looks for feature requests and writes them down into a backlog for further internal discussion?!

It’s a good idea. I’ll be sure to forward this.

Also… 2091 Uranium? You trying to build your own nuclear reactor? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

dont forget people can be using duplication glitch to have that many uranium and other any other items.

If there’s such a glitch, we won’t talk about it here.

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It shouldn’t be unusual to have that much uranium.
Since the latest updates we swim in uranium.
Uranium for base defences, for base assaults, for each new level above lvl31…

There should be more ways to spend it… Maybe for powering our bases with energy. If empty, it’s power off. No lights, no active defence.

Or they should reduce the amount we get for each new level.


Not this year sadly.

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Yeah your not wrong - Level 105 + 2000 command tokens has got me a little radioactive