Any Chance of News on Update?

Is there any News on the consoles PS4 ’ XBOX Update please the devs , Letter from the Development Team - May 3rd < < Latest reply to community :smiley:


I would like to know this myself. Been wanting to get back into this game, but afraid of the bugs especially the ammo disappearing. It’s to hard to come by for it to just disappear. Thank you

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The ammo thing …since ive stopped using scopes on assault smg even tho i hate the scope speed lol ive not lost ammo.Just a hunch it is what it is.


We\ll have some news on that very very soon! :slight_smile:


Thank you Team , we appreciate you are busy so cheers for reply :sunglasses:

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Thank you developers for your hard work, support and also for your replies. Looking forward to the update. Thanks again

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you talking about hwo your gun will randomly say its empty? i had that to, if you drop the ammo from the gun in the context window of them weapon it will go back to your inventory to re apply it. but it is definatly annoying.

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Nope how it loses ammo when you reload exampl 42/456 reload to 42/0

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Thanks for the Hunter COTW ‘’ TruRacks free update ‘’ i received this morning :grin: , it’s good that a game with a few miles on it is still getting paid and unpaid ‘’ free ‘’ update’s ,Cheers , on the subject of Updates any chance of an approx ETA for Generation Zero update for us Console users please

Not trying to be an ass here, but it appears your definition of “very soon™” is closely linked to the definition of “near / nearby” in mission descriptions in game. lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I agree, they told me the same thing last week as well about the ammo disappearing on Ps4 then released a news letter that didnt even mention a fix for the ammo disappearing. We were suppose to get the console update last week, but now they say this week and it will be Wednesday tomorrow so hopefully we will here something within the next day or so. Thanks again team for working on fixes for this great game.

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The updated version is not working properly on my device. It is showing Linksys Router Error 2118. If you have any proper idea to fix this, please help me.

Did you fix this problem? Looks to be a Linksys issue, not the game.