Any news for PS4 patch


Remember that this game has just released. I understand your frustration because I have had my save go as well. Try and make a new game and when you are done. Save, and upload a copy to the cloud. I know that this is a workaround you should not have to do but know that issues like these large ones will be delt with. We both bought it because we see something in it. If you believe it can be done through some patches then standby. They will come! Until then we need to let them know these issues and they will be addressed and taken care of. This isnt a light issue they will breeze over, they will take care of it ASAP.


I’d say personally, as of today I have only read issues for the PC and Xbox version. Yes I see more PS4 today but the other versions were more prevalent at the time. So they were handled quickly, rest assure that we will get our fixes too. PLEASE upload a copy to the cloud of your current save. I had a save leave me and a scare with another that I was lucky enough to recover with the games recovery system.

Should this happen? No.
Will it be fixed? Absolutely.
We submitted our issues, we now wait on our turn.



Wish you could play more. Know there will be fixes and they know that this wont sit well with other players. Give them a chance to prove that the purchase was good. This is a different kind of game that we on the console dont really have much of. So to get it running out of the gate is surely difficult.



I give up. Great idea on paper that’s taught me not to invest in ideas on paper anymore. The quality is abhorrent on ps4. This is easily the worse performing game I’ve owned this generation from quality control standards. And don’t even get me started on gameplay!

The developers should be ashamed because releasing in this state was absolutely a consented decision. After being burned by JC4 and now this, your studio is definitely on my avoid list. Beyond unacceptable.


Can’t agree more I’m just hoping that we end up with something playable at some point but there’s lots to be done :man_facepalming:t2:


I will wait for 3- 6 months…let’s see if it will be possible to play this game on PS4 in the near future without gamebraking interruptions…right now it is invaded by those horrible bugs :roll_eyes: The basic idea and concept behind this game is just amazing!


I love this game I play it with my wife on PS4 the only problem I have is the frame rate drops to unplayable in some areas besides that this is a really fun game to play not like most games today keep up the good work


Name any game thats never had an issue bugged broken , every game i have bought day 1 has always had issues , there is a post on this forum from the Avalanche devs saying message recevied loud and clear posted yesterday, they have and are listening to you the cutomer , killer3691kill2 is right lets wait and see , u could do what i did and buy AAA+ game for 80 pounds 5 updates later still broke ,




Yeah, most games launch with issues in today’s market, I understand and expect that. However this launch is not the average experience. If you don’t see the difference between a blatant rush job thrown out to milk money and what you’re suggesting then you’re doing nothing but fanboying. It’s literally undeniable that this game was not ready for launch and it won’t be ready for several months and that’s totally ignoring the discussion of how bad the gameplay content is.


I understand no fanboy here , every one who played has had various assortment of bugs and has there say on here will be all agreeing with your post in there own way some people are not as wired some are , we all have our opinions , i was merely pointing this game has not got a thousand staff behind them like some AAA development teams they can have multiple games coming out for a hefty sum and are in a poor state , i have played great titles from the avalanche team and there game engine has been used in other titles by other companies i am sure you would have played , i am fan of this game and many others avalanche have put out . And so are many others on here bugs an all .


When every game first comes out it has bugs wait a week


True they don’t have a large staff so it’s unfair to hold them to say Red Dead standards. However what we can compare them to are numerous other small staffed dev teams/games and see how behind the eight ball they are.

Why launch gen zero in this condition even? That’s what I don’t understand. The game was torn to pieces in review scores by everyone. Reddit is filled with “lol don’t buy this” posts and people like me are so upset at the quality we are posting here. Like if they play tested for five minutes they’d have had released a better day one experience.

It’s a scam and that’s why I’m pissed.


I have frame rate issues on PS4 that’s only when I encounter alot besides that I have no other bugs


Most of the people who bought Generation Zero are already fans of avalanche who stick around through thick and thin , just like football or motor sport , when your favorite team loses would you jump ship and tell the world how bad they was , . Yeah its not nice when stuff goes wrong , but if it went right all the time we would wonder is to good to be true when is it going to go wrong , so best we have the bugs now even after launch rather than it waste yours and reddits time months later,


Or they could of played the game seen how broken and unfinished it was pushed the release date back, been upfront with everyone and released a statement something to the tune of “we want to deliver the best possible product for our fans …” I would have rather waited longer for the release than have to struggle through the story plagued with some pretty major bugs


So whats the news on the PS4 patch?

I really love so much in Generation Zero, but THE glitches are too many and too severe. I have now decided to stop playing the game until it is patched on PS4.

So. When is the ps4 patch due?


All my icons disappeared except the safe houses. To complete missions; farm i explored is not visible. I deleted my game and re installed. Deleted my save game…exactly the same thing happened. The moment i explore the first bunker the game looses map icons. The map legend does not seem like it can be switched on or off. What is wrong here???


@Zacharr See FAQ.


This game is not ready and is borderline playable even. I don’t remember ever being this disappointed in a release. Just being honest, not just negative. I’ve noted the main reasons below.

Weapon switching bug, inventory management, item stacking not automatic and very limited in quantity, same items repeatedly drop, can’t use item unless assigned is terrible, ammo loading doesn’t refill from stack automatically, robots move through walls and shoot you, crashing every time when using sight mods, can’t see gun mods attached unless removed, map safehouse icons always tracking, questing is underwhelming, crashing when hacking, hacking in general is broken.