Generation Zero FAQ


This is a non-official community list. Feel free to post other common questions that I haven’t thought of down below, and I’ll update as needed.

I’ve added some quick, bulleted and italicised notes; I’ll flesh them out and format them later. I want to go and play the game


How Does Saving Work?

Any time you see the little hexagon flashing in the top right-hand corner of the screen, it’s saving. Once it has finished flashing, it’s safe to quit. When loading your game, you will be at the safehouse closest to the position you were at when you last quit.

I’m Not Finding Any Adrenaline Shots Since The April Patch!

The chance to find adrenaline was heavily amended with v1.03. The odds decrease with every one in your inventory. The first three are usually quick to find. The fourth takes much longer, and I’ve never heard of anyone finding a fifth.

Therefore, a system of searching, picking up, dropping, repeat, repeat, repeat is a necessary evil if you want to accrue a full stack post v1.03.

See @tene’s YouTube video here for a visual example.

I Received A Map As The Next Clue To A Mission, But I Can’t Make Anyting Out:

If you go to the Log, then select the mission, you can then select the map in question. At that point you can manipulate the map.

Using a controller, the right stick turns the map, while the Right Trigger/Left Trigger Zooms In/Zooms Out respectively.

If somebody on PC will post the controls below, I’ll pop them up here

Where Can I Find The Stats For My Clothing?

Clothing buffs are largely broken in v1.03. Only gas masks and shoes appear to have stats at all.

It lists the stat bonuses of individual items when you scroll over them on the Profile page. However, if you want to know the combined effect of all your clothing’s stat bonuses at once, there isn’t a way to at present.

Why Can’t I Stack More Rounds Together?

Every ammo type has a different stack limit:

  • .32: 240 rounds
  • 9mm (Handgun): 120 rounds
  • .44: 60 rounds
  • 9mm (SMG): 240 rounds
  • 7.62: 240
  • 5.56: 240
  • .243: 120
  • .270: 120
  • .50: 40
  • Shotgun Shells: 60
  • Recoilless Rifle Rounds: 4

What Happens When I Create A Second Character?

In a sentence: Not much, it seems. The most important thing to keep in mind is that quests aren’t reset. So you’ll be doing a lot more fighting to make up for the loss of cheap experience. For full details, see @Erkawest’s post here.


  • Spotting Intel adds a new viewing mode to your binoculars. It tells you the type and tier of enemy machines, health, mood, relative difficulty and loadout. If you have Spotting Intel 2, it will also give you the range. Additionally, if you have the Blueprint for that exact model (type and tier), you will be able to see the machine’s subsystems.

How Does Lockpicking Work / Why Can’t I Pick This Door?

Many of the locked doors in the game require a key to open. The majority of these are either linked to a quest or are military loadout storages. The most common doors you can pick are the green, four-doored buildings scattered across the map.

  • 1 lockpick per lock. 20 lockpicks to a stack.

  • Engineer specialisation is currently broken - ticks don’t drop


My Trophy/Achievement Didn’t Pop:

@Erkawest keeps a complete list of all bugged trophies/achivements over here.

Is This Quest Broken?

A number of quests are currently broken. @Erkawest maintains a list over on this thread. If you’ve found a bugged quest that isn’t on the list, please post it in the thread so he can add it to the list.

I’m Having This Problem:

Please be aware that patch 1.03 just went live. All pre-patch bug reports are now suspect.

Please have a look at the latest Bug Reports before posting.

If your bug is not yet on the list (or the bug report present isn’t in the approved manner), please post it as a New Topic in the Bug Reports section using the template provided here.


How Do I Progress In ‘Sanctuary’?

You need to:


Read the message on the whiteboard (a.k.a. dry-erase board) near the main door of the church.

I’ve Just Got Lockpicking. Where Are These Green, Four-Doored Buildings You Mentioned?

Here are some examples on the Archipelago:


On the road east of Bjorknas. (4220.919, 1558.290)
In the courtyard of Vesslan Command Bunker. (1388.709, 3897.281)
Below the radio mast east of the Norra Saltholmen Ferry Pier. (-831.938, 3299.043)

Where Is This Collectible?

If you’ve given up searching and you absolutely need to know:


You can go to the GZ Wiki for the locations of all the collectibles.


Are The Devs Even Listening To Us?

They sure are. They are extremely busy however. You will see them popping through the forum every few days, grabbing bugs and tagging them as ‘new-issue,’ ‘acknowledged,’ etc.

They also give us regular updates here.

Are There Any Patch Notes?

There are indeed. @BiddinWar maintains them over at the Generation Zero wiki, and you can find the link here.

I Just Want The Latest Patch Notes. Where Are They?

The notes for v1.03 are here.

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