Stupid question but


I assume you put the lock picks in 1-4 slots to use them but I cant. I have the skill unlocked but it wont let me put them there. HELP


You need to unlock the skill in the far right skill tree, then interact with a locked door to use them.


the skill is unlocked. but I still cant do it when I try to put lock pick in 1-4 slots it wont let me.


You don’t need them in your utility slot. You just need to have picks in your inventory. Walk up to a locked door and pick it by just opening it. There’s nothing for you to do. It’s like opening a door the way you normally would.

Now note that there are some locks in the game you can’t pick. Typically those are involved in a mission and you need to find a key to unlock it. If you’ve come up to a locked door you can’ t open, either it can’t be open or it’s part of a mission. You’ve likely been picking locked doors while playing you didn’t even realize were locked.


You don’t need to put them in a quick slot. When you walk up to a door that you can pick the lock of, ‘Pick Lock’ will come up. For more detailed information, see the FAQ; and welcome to the forum, @burningman.


Thank you for the answers! Big help!!
and thank you for the greeting good to be here.


I don’t have the lock pick skill unlocked yet, but was wounding… once you do pick a lock will that use up one lock pick? I have 4 in my current inventory and was wounding if I should keep building up that number for when I do start to use them… or do you only need to carry one to pick all locks?


@TheMark38 Yes picking a lock consumes 1 lockpick so its good to keep a stack of them in your inventory and refilling that stack as you go. they are easy to find so one stack is more than enough :slight_smile:


Cool Beans, thanks Hagelbocken :call_me_hand:


Collect them until you have a full stack of 20. Replenish them as required when you find them. Even 20 is Overkill, but you might as well have a complete stack just in case. I’ve found them to be more rare than they were before the latest patch.