Any plans to implement a sight for the Klauk 17?

A reflex or a red dot like the Romeo 5 would be very cool. The experimental Klauk is very fun to use when I’ve got 2000 ammo to burn through, but I feel like it would benefit a lot from having a close range sight. Having a higher aiming pov from the sight would help a lot too, because of the muzzle jump you can’t really see exactly what your shooting at when firing it fastly (making it hard to hit components consecutively). which is all you do because tap firing isn’t effective, especially on guerilla. Anything past a military runner on guerilla wont get one shot even on their fuel tank. Even implementing the current red dot already in the game to fit it would be welcomed to me. Thanks!

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Modern day compact pistol red dots didn’t exist in the late 1980s. Back then you basically had to just stick a rifle sight onto your pistol. Sort of like how the Magnus scope works.

Here’s a pistol with a red dot from the early 90s, something like this would work in the setting:

Then again, magic Glock 17s that could cause miniature EMPs with each shot didn’t exist in the 80s either…

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