Anybody find a key?

Seems like I saw this topic somewhere, but I can’t find it now. In Torsberga Fort, down the spiral stairs there is a locked red door that says you need a key. I’ve never found a key, has anybody found a key for the door? If so, where is it?

Saw that last night as well. No key anywhere!

At this I saw, there are doors you can’t open except for those you need the special skill for. Or they are doors tied to a quest, and the key doesn’t appear until you activate the quest. For this specific one, I don’t remember, honestly.

Never found the key, and even when I completed the story for the bunker, it still didnt open. It might be in the process of being saved for DLC or something.

There is no key.

Also, there are several locked doors in the game. Most likely left there for future content. E.g one of the most popular and newest one is in the Skinnarbol Crater.

That door in the crater was covered with rock debris last time I was there. The working scanner raised to many questions, I guess.

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Yes, since the December update that door is covered with debris, when before it was not.

Haven’t been there past December '20 update.

But for other “Locked” doors, there is one in Norrmyra Artillery Base. Vesslan command bunker should also have one such door.

With question answered, topic closed.