Anyone else hearing a water sound randomly after the latest update? (PS4)

I keep hearing what I think is the sound when you fall into the water - but when I’m nowhere near the water, at random times. Happened yesterday and today, but not before. Anyone else notice this, or am I misinterpreting a sound that is supposed to mean something else? Thanks!

I do. But I thought it was my Survivor ability sound telling me it was charged. I’ll have to test it. Is it like a weird swooshing water sound?

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Yes. That could be what it is - it just sounds to me exactly like the sound when you fall into water, or maybe when you’re popped back up from the water?

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Some how makes me think I’m playing subnautica lol

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A quick forumsearch shows that this has been a bug that has been in GZ for much much longer.
I do not think it is skill-related. More like player-world-position related.

So I did a quick test to see if it associates to the special perk. It doesn’t. But I can say I noticed a pattern it happens most time after leaving a battle. It still may be perk related or even some kind of tether to leaving battles. Idk till the devs tell us. I assumed it was a perk thing cause I’ve noticed hearing it most time after fighting battles.

You hear the sound @ 4:29-31

Yes, it happened to me once, and it scared the crap out of me.


Yes I hear it now and then during game play. It’s been like that since day 1

It’s not that big of a deal, (to me at least) but it is very annoying.

I wonder if it’s supposed to mean something and I just don’t know!

I confirm this sound bug (PS4), the first times i heard it i thought i was under attack! :sweat_smile:


I get the same water sound (almost?) every time I play, up to more than once per session. I started playing in late June, and I think I have experienced that sound since then.
I do not have the Survivor skill, and have not found any pattern. The sound appears both solo and as a multiplayer guest. It also doesn’t matteri if I am on a mountain, on an open field or down in a bunker.

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