Anyone else hearing a water sound randomly after the latest update? (PS4)


I keep hearing what I think is the sound when you fall into the water - but when I’m nowhere near the water, at random times. Happened yesterday and today, but not before. Anyone else notice this, or am I misinterpreting a sound that is supposed to mean something else? Thanks!


I do. But I thought it was my Survivor ability sound telling me it was charged. I’ll have to test it. Is it like a weird swooshing water sound?


Yes. That could be what it is - it just sounds to me exactly like the sound when you fall into water, or maybe when you’re popped back up from the water?


Some how makes me think I’m playing subnautica lol


A quick forumsearch shows that this has been a bug that has been in GZ for much much longer.
I do not think it is skill-related. More like player-world-position related.


So I did a quick test to see if it associates to the special perk. It doesn’t. But I can say I noticed a pattern it happens most time after leaving a battle. It still may be perk related or even some kind of tether to leaving battles. Idk till the devs tell us. I assumed it was a perk thing cause I’ve noticed hearing it most time after fighting battles.

You hear the sound @ 4:29-31


Yes, it happened to me once, and it scared the crap out of me.


Yes I hear it now and then during game play. It’s been like that since day 1


It’s not that big of a deal, (to me at least) but it is very annoying.


I wonder if it’s supposed to mean something and I just don’t know!


I confirm this sound bug (PS4), the first times i heard it i thought i was under attack! :sweat_smile:


I get the same water sound (almost?) every time I play, up to more than once per session. I started playing in late June, and I think I have experienced that sound since then.
I do not have the Survivor skill, and have not found any pattern. The sound appears both solo and as a multiplayer guest. It also doesn’t matteri if I am on a mountain, on an open field or down in a bunker.