Anyone know what that horror section is for?

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So I was walking to Norra Saltholmen from Hästvik farm and I took the further most left pathway instead of the bridge as I was curious and before I got to the military camp out, at about -168, 3471 I came across a fenced off area around a tree with picnic benches and an outhouse. As I approached, it got very very foggy, the fog then turned a navy-ish blue and spooky ambient music started playing. I approached the outhouse and the door creaked open by itself and as I was still processing what was going on, I saw detection markers coming on my position so I bailed. Is this an Easter egg or anything of significant value? I’ve never seen anything like this in the game.
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i saw this as well and wondered about it.

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My guess: easter egg to reference something specific only a Swed could know. E.g perhaps a scene from one of the old, 80’s Swedish movie/TV show that was popular back then.

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Most likely an easter egg. recently added hope to see more like these in upcoming updates

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This game scares me enough solo as it is, I can’t deal with horror Easter eggs haha

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Ran into this area some time ago, but haven’t been able to find any information about it. It’s like the place is “haunted.” Whenever you approach, the sky turns dark, haunting sounds can be heard in the wind, and not to spoil anything, but something happened that admittedly jumped when I first approached. Is this a reference to anything? Left over from some event?


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I REALLY hope they add more and more stuff like that.

Or even create a sobrenatural game in this style. Very nice!