Anyone see a hunting rifle silencer lately?

I’ve been farming ammo and stuff for the last couple of days, and I haven’t seen a hunting rifle silencer in ages. I’ve had plenty of 5-star handgun, SMG and assault rifle silencers, but not a single hunting rifle silencer.
Anyone else seen them, or have they stopped dropping? I find this pretty odd. :thinking:

They still spawn for me but I think that they made them more rare

I’ve gotten one or two. Took me a while to realise they’re a lot more common in civilian weapon crates than in military ones. Houses and barns tend to have them.

Thanks for the tip - will look for civilian crates then…
Any good ideas where a 5-star might show up?

I’ve got one you can have, I think. I’ll check next time I’m in-country and get back to you.