Apex Connect e-mail verification problem

I’ve made an account on “Avalache Apex Connect” but I don’t see any e-mail confirmation in my e-mail in received folder nor in spam.
I’ve also tried re-sending it a few times but with no results.

Is there anything that I can do to fix this problem or maybe I’ve done something wrong?

also here is a link to “Avalache Apex Connect” if anyone is wondering what am I talking about:

if I made some mistake in writting: sorry but English is not my native language.

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Just give it some time. Also, make sure the e-mail address you gave was correct one.

I also just made account in there and conformation e-mail arrived within few minutes.

Nice for u. Unfortunately for me, I’ve checked, even copied e-mail and pasted but after 4h still nothing.

OK. It look like the system does NOT support every e-mail “type”. First I used e-mail ending with @vp and that didn’t work. Gmail works just fine - I receieved e-mail almost instantly.

It’s a little bit annoying that I will have to use my gmail account 'cause it’s my ‘backup’ mail and my primary (ending with @vp) is probably not supported by the system.

Hey at least this problem is solved by “going around” it, which is annoying but works.

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Doesn’t work on my primary too, i could probably use my gmail, but as already said it’s annoying!

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Didn’t work on primary icloud - had to used Gmail, came through fine


Can somebody from System Reaction or Avalanche please tell which domains are “allowed”?

Did use my primary (custom email mailbox) and secondary (German email provider) and both didn’t work.

Do I really need to create a gmail mailbox for that?


Been waiting for 48h, have tried the re-send confirmation. Nothing in inbox or spam folder.

Have used one of my Microsoft email account and one of their domains I always use for games.

My friend just did it using gmail address and got the confirmation email instant…

Just now i got double emails telling me I’m Welcome to Avalanche Apex Connect.

Either someone released the domain blocking or it’s because I started a support case last night.
So check your inboxes or contact the support. I’ll put the address here later if others still don’t get the confirmation.

I finally got the verification mail on my custom mailbox account but it was timed out :rofl:

Fortunately registering again triggered the verification email again immediately :+1: