Apo class hunter is not so hard


Some people complain that Apo class enemies are too hard to destroy and they dont get enough ammunition back I know game is not perfect but people could use tactics like go inside house and shoot from the windows on the weak points and use the house to protect against bullets at the same time and i am not saying that they are not hard yes Apo class enemies are hard when you are in the open area


Apo hunter’s cluster mortar damages you through the ceiling of single story buildings. Same is when you’re on the 2nd floor of a house and mortar explodes on the roof. Still waiting when it’s patched out.

With the rest, i agree. Can’t run & gun entire GZ, despite some players doing it and when it doesn’t go well, complaints are coming in.


I totally disagree here.
Sure it takes time and bullets, but are darn easy to kill nonetheless.
Use whatever you have, and please, do not be a cowboy, but MOVE.
Some stay on a spot trying to kill a machine, well… bad tactics.
Use cover, use irratic movement, in short… go full soldier, and you will see how bloody easy it is to kill them…


As dumb as it may sound, in the Army when you were being mortared you moved towards the artillery as fast as possible, works the same with these guys. Of course you could strafe left or right from it but sometimes even I don’t maneuver fast enough.

Component Damage perk paired with Make em Count is too awesome, end up either completely disarming or destroying machines.


Running straight towards a gun is… suicide.
Strafe while approaching…



This is coming from myself who actually trained in the US Army, but of course the mortars these machines lob out are no where near true mortars, so yes strafe would be your best bet unless you disarmed the machine of its primary weapon, blade dancing is easy. :+1:


1Lt, Belgian Para’s, 2nd Linie, Marche Les Dames (Green Beret).
So I do know a thing or two myself. :wink:

It’s not for the mortars that you need to zigzag, but the main weapon that shoots in a straight line…
If it were purely mortars, then a straight sprint to the ‘mortar’ would be best…



And that is where that delicious component damage comes into play, but of course if I can get the surprise on my target, that mortar will be eliminated first. :grinning:


Strange, to me, that would be the lesser important target?
That main Tank rifle can be quite punishing, that would be my prime target.

But, that’s me… :slight_smile:



Depends on what weapon is the greater threat, definitely Tank Rifle first, then Mortar. I’ve yet to fight too many of them, the amount I have eliminated utilized mortars and flame throwers.


Yep, when several use mortars at the same time… that is quite bloody deadly.
The arc line of firing then, and the speed of the rounds, make mortars slightly less dangerous, for me.

High ground can be quite helpful…


Yes mortar is broken but they don use it if you just hide back of the room and their head cannot see you that works for me any way every body has ther own way to deal whit enemies