Apocalypse class on main island

Yup just as xezr said! But just to also add, runners drop dilapidated, hunters drop exceptional, and tanks drop special, respectfully :smiley:

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Ive found that the usually so quiet and calm place of Normyra does spawn alot of apo runners now… Hm… Thats it! Im going in! Cover me!!


I had a Runner drop a two star Kvm 59 the other day, actually :wink:

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On the main island?


No, it was on the DLC island. Though the same rules should apply.

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oh really? hm well maybe runners cover up everything up to the 4 star… haven’t really tested them much for their drops past what i’ve seen in passing :sweat_smile:

There is normally one that roams into the airstrip.

I got my 2* (worn) LMG silencer from apo runner. But it was on the Alpine Unrest island. Also, i got my 3* (good) KVM 89 from apo hunter, again on the Alpine Unrest island.

So, it should be more like this:
apo runners - 1* and 2*
apo hunters - 3* and 4*
apo tanks - 5*

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I think it’s still valid to say: If you go for gold, go for apo. The rest you will pick up occasionally.

Ah that would entirely make sense, though admittedly i’m bummed you only got a 3 crown from a hunter, those dudes are tough! Admittedly i just focused on the 5 crown versions and went straight for the tanks :smiley:

I’ve killed all kinds of apo machines but loot gods haven’t been that kind towards me. Only weapon i’ve gotten so far from apo machines is that single 3* KVM 89 from hunter. From apo tanks, i’ve gotten 5* KVM 89 mag mod and 5* KVM compensator. Then again, i haven’t grinded apo tanks that much either.

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RNGjesus is definitely a cruel one in genz @Aesyle so i hear that, the 3* is alright but in gz as i’m sure you know each crown level is exponentially better than the last. If you haven’t seen it yet i did make a video on a tank farming route on youtube, that also has a sure spawn, credit of that info comes from xezr here :slight_smile: Though maybe grinding out tanks isn’t the funnest thing to do in gz, i’d advise doing it for the 59 at least! It’s an absolute beast, the only other gun on the same tier as the exp pvg i’d say in game. Can link it to you here if you’d like :smiley:

Sure, you can link it here since it also fits the topic and should help out OP as well.

Just since this won’t help the OP as its for himfjall only i’ll keep it from bogging the thread down, enjoy and happy hunting @Aesyle! :slight_smile:



Just watched it and your vid contained what i already knew.

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Wondering what…


CPOI is. There is a 16.000 west of Östervik.

Offtopic reply

CPOI are Points of Interest. Also, you can click on those bubbles for zoom in. That 15916 is at the dead center of the map (0,0). Most likely deliberately set high value for easier locating.

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Or it counts just everything?