Apocalypse Hunter Mortar Projectiles go through the Walls

A little thing. For some reason Mortar Projectiles from the Apocalypse Hunter has a good chance to go through the Houses. First discovery to the Safehouse Nydala.

You mean, the splash damage or the projectiles themselves? If it’s the latter, that’s not intended.

As for splash damage, it can go through thin walls.

I can Garantee that sometimes the Projectile themself, once they deploy the spread, it can go through. Not always, but sometimes for sure. So yes it’s the latter

That’s the splash damage.
Just one hint: never take cover inside a house. It’s not safe.

Not against gas, not against apoc hunter grenades, not against well placed sniper shots, not against large missile salvos or mortar shells and sometimes even not against hunter flechette gun (exp 12g).

Well, one funny story… My buddy and me survived a large group of hunters inside a closed container… We just shot hundreds of rounds out of our exp magnus through the walls… And when we went out, the hunters where all downed.

I know! Normally they explode nearby the Walls that’s correct! but is it normal that the small Projectiles is landing in the middle of the Building before they do Splash damage? I don’t think so! I mean…literally in the middle! Also i know that i never do take cover inside the Houses(Except if i don’t have a choice).
Also they are First the Mortar, secondly the small ones and then the Splash. The problem are the small one, not the Splash damage.