Apocalypse hunter's flamethrower range

The flamethrowers on the apocalypse hunters can get you from inside buildings if your standing or crouched next to a wall idk if this is intentional or a bug

It’s likely a bug.
The flames can ring the church bell, and they have a lot more range than is visible. From a gameplay perspective, I think that’s a fault.
I think this issue has been reported already.

And acknowledged by a dev, iirc.

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An average flamethrower can shoot 15-20 metres so if you are in that distance then its intended but after that it shouldn’t be damaging you

Churchill Crocodile had a flamethrower range of more than a 100m :wink:

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Well, if you are using civilian grade flamethrower then yes, 15-20m is what you’d expect out of it. Though, military grade flamethrowers (used in WWII) had far greater range. Portable ones carried by soldiers had range of about 41m while larger ones, mounted in tank’s turret were capable of 90m and more.
So, since apo hunter is as big and strong than a WWII era tank (if not more), it’s flamethrower’s range of 100m or more sounds correct.

Would be interesting to find out what flamethrower the apo class are using or what it is based on

Well, run next to it and take a look. :wink:

This issue is not a question of realism, as this is a game. That range and graphics effect are not in sync is an acknowledged bug.

If you feel that the flame thrower mechanics should be different, you could create a Feadback/Feature request thread.

Tried that, it would be fair to say it got upset with me:fire:

Nervous little buggers.

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Specifically the range and the obfuscation by cover. I was getting burned at the top of a church steeple by a hunter on the ground. I got burned by a hunter that was over a house away from me. The flamethrower is currently being treated like a comparable weapon to the machine gun. This is not ok. In all honesty, I would suggest a complete rework of the flamethrower. I think that it should fire as a seriese of small projectiles in an arc with a max accurate range of about 15 m and a max actual range of about 30 m that create a temporary fire hazard where they land. I’m basically ripping this idea straight from Destiny 2 cabal incinerators. You can go look them up if you want to see exactly what I’m talking about.

P.S. I’m really bad at estimating distances.


to be fair i think all of the machines are more or less slightly broken

The single biggest problem is with hunters and their oppressive mortar fire. Harvesters are only broken because they summon endless hunters, if they summoned endless runners then they wouldn’t be anywhere near as big of an issue. I think that they should get rid of the cluster mortar, give the apocalypse hunters the gas mortar, give FNIX hunters the exploding shotgun as a shoulder mount with either a sniper or machine gun arm mount, and give military hunters just regular mortars instead of the war crimes they are currently equipped with.

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Mortar fire and railguns both seem to have zero cooldown right now. They spam those things.

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Is the hunter in the house or behind it?

inside it. there are two APOC hunters inside the house.

Better question would be: how did you get them inside the house in the first place? :thinking:

In any event: Same issue topics merged + corrected the topic title.


so these guys are hard with flame thowers , but the flames also go through walls in houses.