Apocalypse Mode?

A lot of humans suggest a “Hardcore Mode” for the sake of a greater challenge, and I agree with it on some standards. If a new game mode were to be implemented it would definitely spice it up for veterans or humans simply seeking a grittier challenge.

My idea of a more challenging mode would rather be called Apocalypse mode, Hardcore is too main stream and used repetitively in other games. And with Apocalypse mode its contents would pertain to as such:

  1. Combat means to fight to stay alive, the current game mode of dying does not invigorate that combat with humans knowing that if they die they simply lose an adrenaline shot to get back into the fight and getting a tally to their death score. I’m not suggesting “Perma Death” , no one wants to make it end game just to die by accidentally shooting over powered gas tanks inside a ware house with a radius the size of a nuke. With that being said, death is losing anything in your back pack and waking up back at your last safe house, no adrenaline shots BUT if you die your items will be retrievable. It would be similar as to dropping your items on the ground and a bag appearing.

  2. No fast travel, how can you fast travel out of a barn surrounded by robots when your stealth is that compared to Chris Farley as a ninja?

  3. Deadlier Robots in general, basic yes? All robots get amped statistically in damage, armor, and health.

  4. New mode, new human. You cannot transfer over your level 31 fully modified all experimental weapon wielding John Connor.

  5. Possibly a new tier of weaponry specific for Apocalypse Mode only, just to handle the stronger bots?

  6. Maybe a new tier of robot, or simply more Apocalypse machines and earlier areas?

  7. Less everything in terms of looting. Ammo, medical packs, less chance of better loot and clothes.

8.Slower leveling process? That way Inquisitive mind could be better put to use.

That is all I can think of in terms to formulating a more challenging game mode without it being complete bogus. Some people would agree, others not so much, but thats why they say two minds are better than one.

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It’s already in game, in form of Rivals. Except that Rivals don’t deal more damage but the rest holds true.

Isn’t the idea of your Apocalypse mode making the game harder, rather than easier? Since when you give players even better weapons than current 6* weapons, just to deal with Apo machines in greater numbers, how is that any different from the current game? In a game, where there aren’t extremely OP weapons and Apo machines amount aren’t through the roof either.

If you want slowest leveling process, don’t do any missions and don’t destroy any relay beacons. Getting XP only from combat is the slowest and riskiest method.

It’s easy to keep ammo looting in control, just don’t put any points into Salvage skill. Also, why reduce clothing drops? Clothing is there just for eyecady. It’s not like the full Resistance set would give you double the health or full FNIX set give you double the damage dealt.


All bots in general would be stronger, make the rivals even stronger hence the Apocalypse Mode being a greater challenge.

As I stated in the #1, all bots would be stronger and so would rivals, and involving a new tier of bot paired with a *7 weapon would balance that, but just like them fixing the drops for *6 at level 25+ would be similar for the *7.

The mode is meant to be risky slow and challenging, players simply shooting robots to level would bore them quickly especially in a more challenging variant. If I wanted to simply follow my own rules for a game then I would have done so and not posted an idea since some humans out there would like a more difficult mode. It would be no different than playing Halo or Doom on the hardest difficulty, we do it for the challenge and bragging rights.

As the idea of the mode goes, its meant to be more of a challenge. Less of something with tougher enemies would make more use of Salvage, it is to engage the player more in their choice of skill sets. Some clothing is useless and others have some traits, but if you are dealing with tougher enemies then I would assume a player would prefer a little extra bullet resistance than just to look good.

Thanks for responding, doesn’t seem to be much life in these forums maybe a couple of responses then that post becomes forgotten.

Would some of the rare tier weapons at least respawn in the game? While I think losing the contents of your backpack would be fitting to this mode I can’t see anybody having fun losing gear that can never be reobtained in any way, eventually playing with T1/T2 star weapons only.

My apologies I should have clarified and will edit that segment, losing items on death would not be permanent, the human would be capable of retrieving their lost possessions. It would be similar to simply dropping items and it creating a temporary bag on the ground.

Ok, that I could get behind.

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Please elaborate on “stronger”, sir?

Now, Here we have the same issue as before: you make machines “stronger”, but then you add heavier weapons to compensate, in effect nullifying the new harder mode.
Even if level locked to lvl 25.
Hard Mode is meant to be hard at ANY level.

Now, another issue is: you simply CANNOT smack more and more and more and… armour on machines, this makes them surely tougher, but not harder.
With the machine intellect of a 1960’s calculator, you simply cannot do a darn thing.
So, sure, you create bullet sponges, but that’s it.

So why 7* weapons?
This is a contradiction, it seems? o_O

This is SO Diablo 1!!!
Me like.

I was suggesting making them have more health capacity, damage distribution, possibly move faster.

Well you are correct on this, making the mode harder just to add something to make to as if it never were is a contradiction on my part, the idea is to have the idea more difficult. So yes statistically the robots could just simply bear more damage and health. Maybe eliminate prototypes in this mode with Military being the lowest robotic tier while adding a higher tier of robot?

As per the other thread on Hardcore mode…

I believe the bots etc are tough enough or though working on the intelligence and teamwork would make them more challenging (better team flanking and use of cover for example).

I had a mission to check cabins for some info in a mission the other day. The cabins are closely clustered and guarded by 8 Hunters (flame and rocket). Not sure I need it any more difficult by making them tougher :laughing:.

Dropping your stuff on death sounds good but what about death by water ?. Maybe drop on the closest accessible land location ?. A bit of care is needed for sure on dropped gear placement when the locations are not set (like loot spawn points).

No fast travel is good.

More appropriate ammo and loot would be good. .50 cal ammo only at military locations rather than found on a dead fisherman. Maybe shotgun (farmers), basic rifle (hunters) and pistol ammo in most locations, as it currently is, with assault, .50cal, explosives etc at military only (not police) locations.

More clothing loot at non-military locations.

I believe leveling is likely to be slower due to no main missions and trying to avoid most combat. Not sure it needs to be any slower.

As suggested on the other thread, a single safe house with a storage box. TBH, multiple safe houses with multiple storage boxes should be fine as long as the storage boxes are not linked. Trying to remember where you stashed that good silencer for the rifle you just found can add another level of frustration especially as you cannot fast travel any more :wink:.

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For some reason my quoting isnt working.

So we do die by water??? I did not know that never paid attention to my death count by water. Id recommend what you said, closest accessible location.

And I like the idea of either a single safe house, maybe the ability to pick a single safe house. And I like the plundra idea being separate containers but would that mean more storage for the humans?

Yep, more storage but spread out all over the map as caches. You need to do the work to get to them in order to benefit. Remembering where the items you most want have been stored and if it is worth the time to travel there to get them plays in to the risk reward cycle.

This would mean more storage (game space tracking) having to be managed by the game engine. This could result in more network traffic, slower loading times, bigger game memory footprint etc. Probably nothing too significant but it all adds up.

To my understanding, water kills (haven’t died by it yet :wink:) so I would expect it to continue to do so or there needs to be a radical change to the fundamentals of the game like incorporating swimming, underwater views and ‘window dressing’ a mechanism to stop people trying to swim off the map (like sharks in FarCry).

I’ve made multiples attempts to swim and get to other islands but didn’t know it counted towards death. Swimming mechanics or at least a jet ski or motor boat would be nice, find it hard to swallow that a Tank slaying 50. Caliber wielding badass can’t swim.

But it does make sense too, I don’t think weapons were water proof in the 80s and weapons dating earlier than that like the Kpist definitely were not.

Mechanical Sharks in the water maybe and thats why we die in water?

I would hazard a guess that most people with a .50 cal rife wouldn’t be able to swim very well :laughing:.

Now mechanical sharks you say, … with … with… with… freaking laser beams strapped to their heads … :thinking: … Awesome :+1:

You sorta get a wired boat to transition over to the island for Alpine Unrest but again, boats like other vehicles (ie cars) will likely take a lot of work to implement which is why I would guess they went with bicycles as a middle ground for now.

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I am not sure if they would ever add motorized vehicles, from what we know the bottos are attracted to noise, as awesome as it would be Terminating bots on motorcycle it would probably attract the whole island from noise. But I could have sworn I seen something about motorcycles, unless it was a dream. :thinking:

Seeing how cars are implemented in most open worlds (DayZ I am looking at you), I am quite happy for them not to be in GZ :smile:

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Vehicles would definitely ruin exploration, there are lots of little things hidden in GZ. Plus the game looks great, taking a nice little scenic route by bicycle before blasting bottos is quite relaxing. :robot:

Yeah I agree. Exploration is the main staple of this game. Wouldn’t wanna just blow by all the nice scenery that they worked so hard to create. Now mission based vehicle runs might be acceptable . Something like you gotta get a supply truck from one area to another would be cool while avoiding hunters and such.

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That would be awesome, speeding in a military truck full of supplies for survivors while a big ole Tank is chasing it down lobbing rockets as the driver evades vehicle wreckage. :articulated_lorry::fire::boom::comet:

That’s what I’m talking about. And if you play MP like me , you got your buddies hanging out the back defending you. I could see this being implemented one day. There is still a lot more land they could open up in this game. Sky’s the limit brother.

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the Apoc mode you suggest sounds cool to me , i would add to it a discoverable map (starting completly blank) , no hud , a compass , and no torch. this game could be made very scary and very difficult quite easily with some tweaks. Also why not have all enemies be apoc class .

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