Apparel Crafting Question

Just trying to understand one thing that isn’t self evident from the game:

I have all my character’s apparel levelled up to maximum bullet resistance. Can I then start levelling that same clothing to have fire, explosive resistance, stealth etc, or is each piece of clothing locked to a single path once you start upgrading it?


You can craft just one resistance for each apparel.
Each of the available resistances is available in 5 classes. You have to craft each class of one resistance to get 5c resistance for one apparel.
If you then craft another (different, 1c) resistance, the previously crafted ones get lost.

You have to combine different clothes to get a mix of resistances… or a fully enhanced resistance for one special type.


Yea, I went with shirt and jacket at bullets res and pants shoes to jump. Have other combos that have been crafted to max but just wear the same thing all the time.

Best to craft clothes that already start with something and get that 1 extra boost. Because if a piece of clothing has say bullet and you want it to be flame, then you lose the skill it has and it goes to zero, then you only can max to 4C. I think that is the way it works. But many other things have changed so may not be anymore.

I went with Shirt and Jacket for bullets. Then Pants and Shoes are for explosives! While not invincible, I want to be as close as possible! LOL!