Apparel Crafting

I read somwhere there is due to be a revamp of apparel crafting. Has it been play tested?
Does a list of player improvement recommendations exist somwhere?


Considering all the massive amount of flaws/bugs and catastrophic errors that should have never had made it past testing(Weapon wheel not allowing movement and FNIX bases directly causing preformance issues) in this year’s updates alone

I’m not even sure play testers serve an actual purpose in this studios development process.
Because there are definitely play testers, but as many have pointed out, updates like New Dawn were not at all ready for release, but were pushed out anyways.

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I know for a fact play testers did a lot of work up until New Dawn, hammering out the worst issues.
After that, well… I haven’t heard much at all. Which has been worrying.

To focus on the topic though; no info has been released yet on the improvements to crafting.
The moment it does, I’m sure we’ll see it here on the forums.


From players and not Devs or an update summary.

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