Apparel Improvements


Apparel in GZ is one of the best thing in this game. We can customise our character with a variety of cosmetics, but I think there are some new additions that will be nice.


Backpacks will be an awesome customisation to the game. We can see them in the Resistance Update trailer, which I think that was a sneak peak. The trailer is full of sneak peaks that became real, such as the Resistance Fighter set, so backpacks have a chance to come to GZ.

Apparel Sorting Options:

Apparel Sorting will be awesome for GZ, adding new options to sort your cosmetics. For example, you can now sort from basic items to challenge or DLC cosmetics. A good example is Horizon Forbidden West where you can sort from new to old, I think.

  • Basic In-Game Items

  • In-Game Challenge Reward Cosmetics

  • DLC Items

This sorting option will make apparel look more organised.

New Item Marked:

New collected items should be marked with a blue dot sign, like in the missions log. I think this can make searching for the new cosmetic easier.

What do you think? Could this make Profile Log and Apparel better?

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Backpacks would be cool! Also I wish we could take jackets off and save different outfits