Apparel Not working Xbox Series X

To whom it may concern,

    I have been working on the apparel section of Generation Zero. I have made several you tube videos in full explanation at You tube KAOS SBK  ---- 

      Generation Zero: Bullet Resistant Apparel is broken (zero benefit!). 

      Generation Zero: Apparel Fall Resistant Zero Benefit. 

    Is it possible to get a fix on these apparels in the future?

Just watched the fall damage video.
You should repeat that at a place where always the same damage can be expected (like a roof and a plain surface as landing spot). There were so many different values in just these few trials, so that I don’t think that they really are compareable.

At mountains there are too often too many different factors to really be able to compare that.

Tested it by myself now.
I just had 10% resistance from my shoes. I guess you have a skill for more resistance against fall damage, because I can’t explain how it should be possible with shoes.

I went to my base at runby park and used the watch tower to test it. I always fell from the same point to the same point and I my health got reduced by 13 with my shoes. When I changed my shoes, my health got reduced by 14.

Now, 10% of 14 are 1,4. Rounded it’s just 1. 14-1=13.

So finally I think it’s the skills which don’t seem to work correctly, but that’s something I didn’t test.

Edit 2:
I now watched your bullet resistance video.
Regarding the bullet resistance I always had the same feeling that it doesn’t work. But again, your test to prove it isn’t really good. The tank which is shooting at you doesn’t hit you with every bullet.
I currently don’t know how to make a more reliable and repeatable test, but I’ll try.

Edit 3:
I went to Asötungan outpost and destroyed one smg-runner, one military shotgun-runner left.
I tested 10 times each. With my general clothing I have 30 % bullet resistance.
I tried to stand in the same distance to the runner in each try.
With my resistances I always had 67 HP after one hit.
Without my resistances I had 51 HP in most cases. Two times I had 59 HP left, maybe because not every shrapnel hit me.

With resistances I got 33 HP damage.
Without the resistances I got 49 HP damage (in general). 30 % of 49 are 14,7. With the exact numbers reducing this damage I should have ended at 49-14,7= 34,3 HP damage, 100-34,3= 65,7 HP left.
Assuming that there is some kind of rounding, too, the 67 HP I had after a hit with my resistances are pretty like what to expect, even a bit less damage in this case.

I play on skirmish.

Final note:
It depends on the distance to the enemy, its weapon and on how many bullets really do hit you, but the bullet resistance on apparell seems to work.

Keep in mind: some weapons maybe do more than just bulletdamage (like the “shoulder cannon”, the hunters PVG).