Apparel Schematic Points became a 'negative value'

With the latest update my Apparel Schematic Points became a negative value

Platform - Steam - PC

Yep same here. Apparently the way they decided to fix the problem of not being able to buy schematics because you have a higher level one already was to use all the points you might have had and claim the ones you need to make it work out, whether or not you had enough to points to do that, so you go into the negative. But hey, at least you can buy the higher ones now, you just have to dig yourserlf out of the points hole first.

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when i killed one of the rivals I received 1 point as usual. but i already have 432094832 points. its not a cheat or exploit. but it happened that so much points that i have gone negative now. i cant use them because its negative. and the negative numbers keeps on increasing everytime i kill a rival.

so from my guess that the devs tried to fix it but it made it worse that we cant even use it now.
i will send some pictures from how it looks like.

i will give some updates if theres anything else i found.

i will try to connect on xbox so i can give an clearer picture.

The same thing has happened to me, I noticed that any schematics that I had earned from destroyed rivals before the points system has been auto purchased. For instance I had Athletic 5 on my pants, but didn’t own 4 so I was stuck at 3 until now. It auto rewarded me with every glitched schematic and now I have to grind the points back out of the negatives. At -74 currently.

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Great - after update the points at set to zero :frowning: don’t you have an abs() function?