Apparel Screen improvements - my idea

With more and more apparel items being added, I’d really like an easier-to-understand apparel screen.
Primarily, I’d love the different apparel sets to be more clearly put in one category. For example, if I want to wear the whole “Slayer” outfit, I have to go through each category, search through the list (They’re all at different positions because the positions are determined by when you first collected it) and piece them together.
Also, there’s no way for me to know whether I have the full set or if I’m missing something.
I’d really love a new UI called “collections” or “sets” where it lists all the different sets, for example:
“Slayer set”
and then a list of all the apparel item that belong to the Slayer set, with those I don’t have yet blacked out, so I can only see the outlines and know which type of item it is.

Here’s a mockup of what I had in mind:

Clicking on an individual clothing item would display a preview of the character wearing it and the option to equip it.
There’s also an option to equip the whole set, or at least all of the items one has collected so far.


Got one question: how the game should decide which color of item to equip? Since in specialized sets, there often are different colored clothes, e.g red pants, blue pants, black pants.

Damn, that’s a really good point, I hadn’t thought of that :confused:
Maybe the button could choose a random constellation?
or we could have subcategories for each set, like
“Elegant set”
-> Red
And then you could expand each subcategory and equip the one you like?

With this, there wouldn’t be any difference from the current method since to get the right color, you still have to manually change that specific item. Or all of them if game randomly equips wrong colors.

This is better solution. However, not all people would have every piece of clothing in same color and then, the original issue comes back - which color item game should pick?

E.g in Elegant set, there are: top hat, vest, jacket and gloves. Let’s say i have black/purple of them all, except vest. For vest, i’d have black/red, black/blue, black and black/green. Which of the 4 game would choose? Random one? Or the game doesn’t equip the vest at all (since i’m missing that color)?

This one, as specified in my original post:

Maybe a pre-made clothing set can be made up in the crafting table inventory.

That way, not only can you mock up the generic sets - but create, and save your own that as you put above, can then be integrated into the apparel set tab.

Solid foundations to the idea though, +1 from me.