Apparel suggestions and requests


  • I like to request that the Christmas Holiday event from 2019 featuring the Fancy set, is repeated on Christmas 2021, just like the Halloween event has happened twice now.
  • Add option NONE to apparel category JACKET
    That way we can choose to wear only t-shirts or vests etc.


With the new island in mind it would be great if there are several new items of apparel to be found.
I like to suggest to add two more colors to the items in the radical set, which was the bonus for pre-ordering the game. People who did not preorder, can only find those two new colors. Or if preorder bonus is a no go zone:

-Bomber jacket - dark brown, Light green
-Police pants with a belt and pistol holder, baton, or handcuffs
-Kevlar vest
-Army grenade carrying vest
-Army ammo carrying vest
-Resistance vest with blue logo
-Flight jacket with patches see pic
-Mustaches and beards
-Ponytail hair


I second this idea. Especially the part to wear no jacket.

I could imagine a jacket where you can see all won challenges as patches.


Cool. A lot more programming though, than just one model of a jacket for everybody. Here the game has to check what challenges you have finished. But it is a great idea.


Adding base perks (& potentially penalties) to special clothing items (outside of the normal crafting process).

Hazard Suit offers poison resistance, decreases movement speed

Ghillie / Camo clothing items reduce detection by machines

Experimental gear increase carrying capacity etc.


Not sure these would differ from existing suit trousers / shirt & tie


Pants could have a belt with pistol holder, or handcuffs. Shoes, i don’t know.
edit: I changed the list a bit.


I requested that option, above. And more lipstick colors for the female characters would be great too. For me I don’t mind what the new apparel would be, as long as we get to find some new things when we explore that exciting new island.

Even though we are mere civilians, it would be great if we find military clothing too that is not yet in the Apparel loot pool.

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You can bet there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Although it’s holiday season now. :thinking: But it can never hurt to talk about things we would like to see in the game. Apparel seems trivial, and perhaps it is, but it brings a lot fun dressing up in basically absurd outfits for battle. Where others might like to give their character that military look. It’s all fun.


True, but it doesn’t hurt signaling, players would love to run around over there :sweat_smile:


please add the same jacket in black or dark navy blue color.


I’m sorry to revive this, but I think it’s a good time to bring in some ideas for apparel crafting improvements.

The % of each effect just have been improved.
What I really miss are bonuses or malus for some special clothings.

For example helmets could have a fixes bonus of 5% on bullet resistance.
Camouflaged uniformes could have a bonus of 5% on stealth.
Some shoes may have a bonus or malus on speed, silence or jumping.

I talk about static bonuses or malus, independent of the schematic you use for crafting.

What do you think?


Thread revivals are fine, if you bring something new to the discussion :+1: